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Maia Gabrial
15th April 2013, 17:13
I'd like to share this video that was posted on 2012thebigpicture forum about how to identify government "web-goons" on the internet. Most of us are aware of paid shills and trolls dogging our forums and blogs. But what gets to me are the ones from COINTELPRO who are just more of the same nuisance, but these govt types are funded by OUR money. How lovely is that, huh? Our tax dollars hard at work.... Anyway, it's good to know how our money is being spent against us.... It's also good to know how to identify them....


15th April 2013, 17:30
scary... thanks for the info

Maia Gabrial
15th April 2013, 17:35
Thanks, Deej! Welcome to the forum!

15th April 2013, 18:56
I wonder where these people apply for these jobs, and how the interview goes...

quite frankly most of what was discussed there sounds like it can easily be done by people who are paid nothing for it; I see a lot of actions that listed in the video that people do on their own with all the time.

15th April 2013, 20:17
Anyone who wants to know how horrific the original COINTELPRO was should read The COINTELPRO Papers by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall.

From what my research on the subject has turned up. Seems the FBI would often go in to a target's house or apartment and move the furniture around. Then when the befuddled person(s) would tell friends or family what had happened the first question asked would always be- what's missing? Since the FBI or their operatives never took anything people just assumed that the targets were starting to go crazy. Sometimes there'd be slight variations like loosening the light bulbs or leaving a penny in various places throughout the house. Basically, little annoying things would consistently be done with an occasional instance of vandalism to further impoverish, annoy or anger the victims. Eventually the FBI and to some extent the CIA got so out of hand with these and even less benign subversive tactics that the US Congress got involved to somewhat curtail their activity.

Read how COINTELPRO eventually drove actress Jean Seberg to suicide. :(

Suicided (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Seberg#FBI_COINTELPRO_investigation)