View Full Version : (Minor complaint and request) I had my first migraine attack this weekend, help!

16th April 2013, 18:06
I wanted to ask something selfish:

please pray that my migraine attacks would cease.
I've never had them before, and they are really bad.
They seem to have a couple triggers, dietary and behavioral.

I read about them online after the experience and it's a textbook case of migraine.
The last big attack lasted about two hours, maybe three. I thought I was having an aneurysm, and in fact, a brain stem aneurysm is the only thing in the world that really equates to the pain of a migraine.

I've been staying up too late, putting too much strain on my body,
i.e. motel hopping etc., and also I think I had a huge dose of MSG a few days ago.

A cough or even an orgasm is actually enough to set off a migraine if you are already suffering, so you can imagine that this is not only scary and inconvenient but just downright wrong.

I guarantee if you've ever had the hankering to curse at the Lord God, you will have the urge during your first major migraine attack.

I thought I had escaped this terrible family disease, but it would seem that it can have a late onset and trigger under stress!!!

I hate headaches, and this one takes the cake for sure.

If you believe in prayer, please send some energy .my way!!!

p.s. glutamate perturbations are linked to autism and migraines alike!! be careful out there! no wonder autistic kids hit their heads.

16th April 2013, 18:30
~can you skype with me? :gossip: :phone: PM me, we do not want others to know we are skyping :becky::haha:

16th April 2013, 18:32
Teeth grinding may also contribute to migraine attacks, my healing thoughts are with you. Peace friend.

16th April 2013, 18:36
No sound, No light, no sudden movements, migraines are nothing to play with, my wife gets them now and then, feel better Tesla... sending help ...

bruno dante
16th April 2013, 18:40
Been there my friend...

Including you in my prayers tonight. ;)

16th April 2013, 22:01
I'm sending you prayers. I've had terrible headaches at least once a week for all this year so I know they are terrible.

NB. I've changed my light-bulbs back to old style incadescent bulbs and summer is over for me now so the days are cooler, so I'm getting less severe headaches now.

17th April 2013, 00:39
Have you checked your blood pressure, which can cause terrible head ache if it is high? I thought I had inherited migraine from my mother but it turned out to be the otherwise symptomless sky-high blood pressure that was giving me the awful head aches (which had all the symptoms of migraine). They disappeared after the blood pressure was lowered!

My mother was helped a lot by one of the newer remedies for migraine-- and in fact she was able to drop even that medication everyday and only use it on the rare occasions she had pain.

I do hope you can find something that helps- you have my utmost sympathy, the pain of headache is awful- but make sure that you are suffering migraines and not one of the other, no less painful, causes of headache-- most of which are easily treated.

17th April 2013, 01:02
Praying for you! My mom used to get migraines and I know how terrible they are. You're right; certain foods and stress are triggers for migraines. I hope you get a chance to relax a little and get back your good health.

17th April 2013, 01:59
Done Deal and feel better soon Dear Tesla :)

17th April 2013, 02:59
I have always heard that orgasm is a way to relive migraines...my mother suffers with them and I have done a lot of research...

Expecting to to out grow them ASAP Tesla!

Much love and no pain and peace!

17th April 2013, 05:44
Sorry to hear you are a fellow-sufferer. . . I used to get classic migraines, complete with sound & light, where the pain was so bad that I wanted to dash my brains out against a wall (while throwing up) so I know how you feel! Currently, I don't experience as much pain, but the syndrome has now "progressed" to Hemiplegic Migraine, where symptoms are the same as for a stroke; at times I simply drop to the ground paralysed.

Have you looked at Dr Klaus Podoll's site? Hope I am allowed to post this link:

I take daily prescribed medication after an MRI, CAT scans, blood work etc ruled out anything more sinister. I find that watching my diet very carefully helps the most. Everyone is different, but I am severely gluten intolerant; perhaps you could try cutting out gluten for a few weeks to see how that helps? I have always been a strict vegan (for ethical, not health reasons) & I find that my habit of eating brown rice 3 times a day, along with nuts & vegetables, really helps if I eat only small portions, never enough to distend the stomach; as do 2 (no more!) cups of strong coffee (!) Also, you should make sure your pc monitor is set to the highest resolution possible, to avoid any flickering.

Raw onions, garlic, chilli (all my favourites) are on the "forbidden" list for me; as are potatoes, tomatoes & aubergines.

I know J Krishnamurti also used to suffer terribly from migraines; I have often wondered whether they are Kundalini-related; or perhaps an extreme form of "evolution".
It's easy to feel very depressed when undergoing frequent attacks; I do energy work (as taught by Robert Bruce) & this definitely provides some relief.

Wishing you well & happy!

17th April 2013, 13:17
Two words - "Red Wine".. actually three - "Tannins"

17th April 2013, 13:20
sending you some healing vibes tesla :)
give yourself a break once in a while :tea:

17th April 2013, 15:50
Never suffered migraines, so i cannot really advise you on the don'ts and dos...however lots of healing are on your way right now!

17th April 2013, 17:32
electrical devices and phone masts are the main culprits, i had to get a orgone necklace because i used to get them so often, i haven't got one in a while now.

17th April 2013, 17:36
They should be 'Gone' now...:)

Mr. Metazoan
18th April 2013, 09:15
I have problems with MSG and phosphates and I've learned why. MSG give me horrible diarrhea the next morning and phosphates give me indigestion. My grandmother had the same problem with MSG but she couldn't even make it home from a Chinese restaurant. My wife gets headaches from a few food additives; sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, soy lecithin, and sodium stearate.

For my family: The proximal convoluted tubule in the nephron of the kidney handles the absorption of sodium, glutamate(MSG), phosphates, and other electrolytes.
As for my wife, the adrenal glands handle the absorption of nitrites. The adrenal glands produce 20 different hormones and her hormones are affected for 6 weeks depending on the additive.

When a person has problems in these areas they aren't fun but it's very very common so please don't feel like you're alone. I'm new here, but if you have questions I'll be around but if you want to learn hop on Wikipedia and research the colon, epithelial sodium channel, kidneys, adrenal glands, and proximal convoluted tubule. Please note that when we eat "icky foods" our body will try to expel it which is why with nausea comes sweating which is caused/allowed by the epithelial sodium channel.

Until then, don't ever eat beans(a pythagoreanism story and something for another time), stay away from processed foods(anything in a container) and try to eat healthy. Healthy means mixing bananas, apples, pears, grapes, etc into a bowl with a small thing of yogurt and mix well to give yourself dessert. Dinner would be a green salad with fruits and veggies in it. If you're really good; then juice kale and green apples which I've tried but my temptation gets the better of me.

My thoughts and good wishes are with you,

18th April 2013, 20:30
thank you for the very good advice!!!!!

it's not as bad today! :( but there are things i apparently can't do right now, like cough!!! @@