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16th April 2013, 22:59
I think they are going to start a war on so called home grown terror. Now there is a senator that was sent a letter with poision in it, and first the bombing in Boston. I think they are going to say that it was home grown terrorism and start to come after the people.

There is going to be a war between the government and its people.

16th April 2013, 23:48

16th April 2013, 23:53
The bombings are just another way to spread fear into all the Sheeple's and a step closer to the one world government that is going to happen...just stock up your food and be prepared.....it is better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared.

17th April 2013, 00:08
Wasn't that was a huge load of hot steamy crap served up by yours truly, the government if there ever was. Didn't Donald Trump and his buddies make money investing in Cipro, some kind of anthrax antidote that didn't really work and had horrible side effects, after they force fed it to the military and whatever other suckers would buy it?

Sirius White
17th April 2013, 03:04
It's like children of men.

Obama already set up as the "Lincoln" of our generation. This means they are not just preparing, but possibly engineering civil strife. That's what will get them the rights they need as well as paint those who question status quo as right wing militant conspiracy theorists.

17th April 2013, 06:26
April 16, 2013
In this MegaVote for California's 49th Congressional District:

Gun Control – Cloture Vote - Vote Agreed to (68-31, 1 Not Voting)

The Senate also agreed to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to comprehensive firearms–related legislation that has been in the works since the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last December. Sixteen Republicans agreed to move forward with the bill, while two Democrats facing tough re-election battles next year – Mark Begich of Alaska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas – voted against ending debate. Though it is unclear what shape a final bill will take – or even whether any substantive measure can garner enough support to pass – supporters are hoping to include a strengthened background checks measure sponsored by Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; language strengthening penalties for straw purchasers ; and expanded funding for school safety. If a bill does make it out of the Senate, its fate would be even more uncertain in the Republican-controlled House. President Obama issued a statement in support of S. 649.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein voted YES
Sen. Barbara Boxer voted YES

There you have it...

17th April 2013, 09:27
...so in the contemporary, we have audiences either nonchalant or frenetic

like art that can take a different interpretation for every interpretor.

?what would a bombing at national flags be symbolic of:

--a bug wanting to be crushed from the combined might of many governments.

--or is it the globalists saying... we tired of these national facades.

++and where would 'history' in 50 years agree with us.
yes the rrositas will get the blame, ...but the global economic crash, coupled with increased state fascism per state...

..well same result. the ode to one world gov has several choruses, ...the chorus arriving from those most able to do this, would only be acknowledged by themselves several decades into the result

17th April 2013, 12:02
That's because the gun toters played right into the warmongerers hands. For the last 5 yrs all we've heard is tough talk from armed and slightly maladjusted hatefilled people of intolerance. Judging from their responses to what 90% of the population wants, when they slip US/citizens the middle finger, and arm even more deranged people who think like them. The NRA says my way or the chaotic way. When the NRA pitches a tempertantrum, citizens, children and law enforcement suffer. They've been popping cops when pulled over with tattoos on their arms of KKK logos. Yes, the witnesses are giving descriptions, and Napolitano isn't giving away what they are gonna do. We've known about the "camps" since 07, yet they persist in the threats and radio ramping up of the masses. Truly these sheeple of hate, don't know what they are getting into, and it is the reason MLK said peaceful demonstration for justice.

You cannot get them to behave, but threatening to shoot them, they will not tolerate the threats of terrorist, domestic or otherwise. You see, this is why African Americans would not make "that move." If we are there bosses, we have to catch them in the wrong, not give them something to war about to make more money on the carnage.

If the boys in the sticks have someone out there lonewolfing, they better give em up, because the whole "House of Hate Club" is gonna go down like the Panthers had to back down and chill and some of them are still in there today because of "racial political set up charges." Still fighting for freedom.

But...the...KKK...members are still calling shots from behind bars like Al Capone did.
It's just a change of scenery to them, not a change of hearts and minds, therefore NO Rehabilitation while in there, just training and tatting "newer members" younger members getting out for a low grade charge. They still think they running chit, but using a 21century name backed by "angry corp" to do their bidding.

Gonna get interesting ladies and gents, gonna get real.

17th April 2013, 12:14
PS "Whats this "us" stuff. I don't go around hating people just the crap they do. I don't join a group to rule over anyone because of my color and the deranged thought that "I'm" better than everyone else who doesn't look like me or a lighter hue." The thought to kill, is a very bad vibe to put out there, especially among the children that will one day be running this ship.

Kinda whacko don't you think?