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17th April 2013, 00:43
Dear friends.
On December 17, 2012, a very interesting phenomenon was filmed near the town of Palotina in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil.
Was this is a "Sun Pillar", an optical phenomenon where ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect the setting sun?
Some friend of Avalon ever witnessed something like that to confirm or refute the theory of 'Sun Pillar' or have another explanation?
Either way it is very beautiful.
Thank you for your attention.
Wander Brazil.

buckminster fuller
17th April 2013, 01:03
Really impressive, I have no clue what trick of light might cause this. Thanks

17th April 2013, 01:38
very strange...the beam in the opening scene indicates point of origin and reflecting off the bottom of the clouds, and the sharp angle off the cloud indicates surface origin (or very low on the horizon). Witnessed the so called sun-dogs living in Alaska but this is much different looking with well defined edges.

17th April 2013, 01:42
that is so wild isn't it?

I know this YouTube vid was posted Dec of 2012, but the original must be older or it is close to another video that I saw around four years ago. I have never heard a good explanation for this.

17th April 2013, 02:21
Hello Deej.
Probably there must be other videos with this phenomenon.
In this case, the camera man gets in 2:16 minutes recorded that it comes the day 17, December, 2012.
In Portuguese dezessete, doze, dois mil e doze.
Wander brazilian

17th April 2013, 02:34
Oh... K

Then this is really weird!

17th April 2013, 13:35
Very cool spectacle of light! Yes i have seen something very similar to this along highway 95 in florida ...it was a distinct straight edge shadow like this one and it was curious as i thought wht was the origin of the shadow? It wasnt the usual ray from the sun

i wished i had taken a pic of it...it was around end of last year

17th April 2013, 13:42
This could be related to some kind of reflection in the Itaipu dam´s lake. Itaipu is one of the largest operating hydroelectric facilities in terms of annual energy generation in the world, and is located just 250km from Palotina.