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Extraterrestrial contact our Indians?
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The Indians Xikrin, the Kayapˇ nation, in the Amazon, they believe they are descended from beings that came from the stars in a flying canoe an obvious extraterrestrial spacecraft.
Several indigenous Amazonian nations remain until this day their rituals and beliefs of their origin extraplanetary celebration ...


... In Brazil, many Indian nations maintain traditions and rituals that indicate a secular and peaceful coexistence with the UFO phenomenon. Some even believe to be descendants of extraplanetary beings, including the Kayapˇ nation, spread across the Amazon region. Researcher John Americo Peret was the Indian who studied more intensely these natives do Xingu, who call themselves Menbeng˘krÚ, or "people who came from the water hole." Wrapped in various legends, the indigenous culture of the Kayapo has numerous rituals of exaltation to the forces of nature and mythical beings, beyond dance in thanks and celebration.

The Indians Menbeng˘krÚ, as well as the villages Gorotire Xikrin, Men-krŃgnoti, Kokraim˘ro, TxukahamŃe and Kren-ak˘re, perform a ritual in memory of a mythical being whom they call Bep-kororoti. This creature would be a civilizing and heroic stranger who would come to the region mounted on a star or a flying canoe. According to the story exalted by the indigenous population, Bep-kororoti landed on Tip˘tikrÚ Waterfall, where he lived with the ancestors and miscegenated Kayapˇ. Upon returning to the room, took his wife and son, leaving a daughter married and pregnant. Ufologists and even anthropologists attribute to be of extraterrestrial origin, and its an obvious flying canoe flying saucer.

Costumes sacred - The legend of Bep-Kororoti takes on a truly authentic because it is taught in the House of Men or Tribal School in villages. It is also considered real because, during the ritual of worship, the Indians dress in a special way, using costumes and masks considered sacred, and rifles to represent what they call Kop - a terrible weapon disintegrating when the alien was carrying came from sky.

In his research, Peret cited the legend told by the wise counselor Guey-Baba, who speaks of the coming of Kumen, a being who appeared among the haze of a mountain always shrouded in mysterious noises and lightning.

The creature was, according to the story, an attacker strange looking and very large. Had one eye but had no mouth and nose, no hair. Only a powerful club that disintegrated trees and rocks. Indians of the time struggled with him unable to beat him. But upon realizing that the stranger did not want to kill them, they left him alone.

The enigmatic then be spent living alone in the mountains, without being bothered or bothering anyone for a long time. The legend also says that one day much later, young Indians saw another stranger in a nearby lake. Had light skin, tall, lean and strong.

Approached and recognized that it was Bep-kororoti. Then said to be the coming of the stars, but was attacked by Indians in the mountain several times. The natives defended themselves, claiming that they had actually fought with a terrible monster.

To convince them, the visitor would have shown the clothes that came from space, and so Bep-kororoti was taken to the village and it became part. Also according to legend, would have turned into a sort of master of the tribe, as we did with the boss would be more considerate of other Indians and made ​​sure everyone had improvement in their lives. It also ruled that the Council of Elders had to help the leader to make decisions. Bep-kororoti still married and had children among Indians. However, one day he discussed with his companions and disappeared into the woods. He covered his family with a black dye, dressed in a costume that looked shocks and threatened the tribe with the club with which he had come to Earth.

Bep-kororoti went to Sierra Pukat˘ti and ascended into heaven, taking his wife and son in a star or flying canoe, amid thunder and lightning. After this event, the region has undergone major climate changes and the Indians, by dire needs. To rid the tribe of death, the daughter of Bep-kororoti, Ni˘poti, who stood and went to the mountain and covered with the same black dye.

Soon after, an explosion occurred and she was assumed into heaven. When he returned, he brought his mother and brother - who later returned to the area - medicine, food and seeds. Ni˘poti, on the recommendation of Bep-kororoti, led his people to live in Sierra Pukat˘ti, where they found the "stone houses made ​​by God." Ali went to live in peace and prosperity. And so the Indians keep his legend today.

Article published in UFO Magazine 68 - November 1999

Reproduction permitted provided they kept the original formatting and state sources.

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