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17th April 2013, 11:35
For the past few days in regards to the Boston Bombing many are waving their fist in the air shouting FALSE FLAG. No one has come forward to take responsibility, Or anyone been caught as yet. Yet many are angry shouting from the roof tops, FALSE FLAG.

This is inevitable because we have been lied to so often and on so many levels that we have lost total trust in anything they (the government) say.

Even if the government comes clean(very unlikely)and discloses everything, from chemtrails to UFO's it really wouldn't matter because we the people have lost faith in the them.

Near and far One by one, slowly but surely, We are been recruited to join the army of humanity to stand firm and take back our power and run this planet on our terms

That's the purpose of this thread. I would like you my friends to take part and discuss what we the people can do to regain our power from the grass roots up.

17th April 2013, 11:56
i have hearing all the stuff about Government but for about a week now i just feel and see in my eyes Government are different entities and they are not Government for the people...i find Government is the enemy and terrorist.

17th April 2013, 15:06
Just this morning, I was reading so many "me" generation pouting comments about their lives being interfered with by the Boston terror attack. Since 911 we have faced so many ridiculous acts of violence. In most cases we will probably never know if these events were by lone gunmen, gov't. mind controlled wackos or terrorists from abroad.

We are looking for a target for our blame game reactions and I think we need to look at ourselves. Unlike citizens of European and Middle Eastern countries, we have never been in the midst of the battles. We have been totally lacking in empathy towards the fate of these people as our bully government keeps looking for excuses to start wars.

Maybe at a spiritual level, these events are the pain that is needed to get people to return to the caring and compassion valves of yesteryear, get over narcissistic preoccupation with self indulgence and to take a wider view.

17th April 2013, 15:15
The ongoing slaughter benefits who? Innocent people around the globe suffer this life and relinquish liberty to benefit who? The human life has been downgraded to a status of one where fiat is supreme. Accountability, respect and compassion are being relegated to dictionary/google expressions and not practiced in favor of blame. The poles of this world need shifting to the positive aspect and if not the future will be more hedonistic then what is being experienced at this point. Pray the souls that are sacrificing for a better world! Be responsible. claim your birthright!

17th April 2013, 15:57
We are in the end game. But it's not quite going the way they expected. Information technology is a two edged sword some info got out and some sheep woke up.