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17th April 2013, 17:23
Dear Friends.
It is the most common foreign friend to learn more about the Amazon rainforest than other natural locations Brazil.
Vast areas of forest untouchable with countless wonderful mysteries and dangerous landscapes.
However the countless hills existing in various regions of the country, do not get behind.
I'll talk about the Encantada Lagoon, located in one of the arms of the mysterious Sierra Roncador, state of Mato Grosso.
The Serra do Roncador, which begins in Barra do Garça, estado do Mato Grosso and ends at Sierra do Caximbo, estado do Pará.
Is considered by mystics as a sanctuary metaphysical, the chakra of the planet, which can be the portal for civilizations intraterrestrials and place of origin of Inca civilization. Its name comes from snoring that many people have heard, in the region of the village Pimentel Barbosa, near Matinha.
It was in the Serra do Roncador that Colonel Percy Fawcett vanished on his last expedition, never to be seen
The Encantada Lagoon is located 150 km from the city of Barra do Garça in Xavante indigenous lands of the nation, and is considered sacred by indigenous people.
The presence of foreigners is only possible accompanied by a representative of the native people.
It is a region untouched by the white man, and hopefully that will continue.
The Encantada (Enchanted) name was given by the natives because despite its water is pure, there is no presence of life in it.
There is, to my knowledge, and scientific research in the deep Encantada Lagoon.
What is known is that it does not have fish or tadpoles or other species visible to the naked eye.
A local farmer, in the 70's tried to measure the depth with a nylon fishing line tied to a stone, but after hundreds of yards of line, failed to reach the bed of the same.
The natives have countless stories of balls of lights and ships, and coming up in the depths of the beautiful Lagoa Encantada.
In a report from the local station of the Barra do Garça, the reporter interviews a woman who filmed a UFO light, after she and her companions have done meditation together near the pond.
Sorry, the interview is in Portuguese. Images UFO appeared from 2:12 onwards.
Only one of the thousands of mysteries that exist in this wonderful land and blessed their nature, Brazil.
Wander Brazileiro.

Lefty Dave
17th April 2013, 19:22
Very interesting...and well laid out, and documented...thanks for the post and welcome to Avalon...your brothers and sisters in beauty.

18th April 2013, 03:56
Very beautiful area. I sensed an powerful energy especially in the first 2 pictures.