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17th April 2013, 17:55
I posted on one of the marathon explosion threads on monday that I have been at the finish line several times since moving to the Boston area in 1983.

I have covered the race for several radio station I have worked for. And my husband works about a mile from where the explosions occurred.

I do not watch TV news EVER and have not since 1996.

So Mondays event happened in my stomping ground and it has had a strong effect on me the past few days and I have been looking at how I have been feeling very closely.

I am not angry. I am not fearful. However I have felt sadness a lot. Not to the point of tears, no where close to that. Yesterday was rough and the word I used was that I felt deflated.

I am in much higher spirits today. Yesterday the feeling of deflation had my mind thinking "I give up". It was a conscious struggle between my heart and my mind yesterday.

My heart kept reminding my mind "to never give up, things are ramping up, time to be all the peace you can muster up, etc".

And I know that if I am in lower vibrating energy I am not contributing in a higher vibrating way. Our emotions contribute to the whole.

So having this event happen in my reality in a big way has challenged me to keep my vibration raised more so than some of the other major events of late have challenged me.

Like I said I am much better today (thank goodness).

I just discovered the below post from David Wilcock that was an added boost to the personal work I have been doing after the marathon explosions, death, and injury... it inspired me to take the time to write this before posting about Davids post.

So thank you to all that are being Peace and Love! We need all the help we can get!!! I am confident that we are making a BIG positive difference! :grouphug: :peace:

************************************************** *
Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace from David Willcock

Full post here:


The Meditation Effect proves we can reduce war, terrorism and violence by turning within. Now is the time for us to use this science to help the planet.


I just got off the air with Scout Bartlett, of KEST-Radio in San Francisco, after taping a half-hour radio show that will air later this week.

He is the Host and Producer of two shows -- Life Insights Live and Spiritual Perspectives, which air on 1450 AM in the northern California region.

I called in at 11:55 AM Pacific time, and we began taping as of 12 noon -- or 3PM Eastern time.

This was quite a show. I exposed the Cabal, false-flag terrorism, and sketched out the Big Picture of where this is all going.

I specifically focused on the fact that even though this appears as a global "Dark Night of the Soul," this is only one part of a larger story -- with a very positive ending.

Right from the beginning, I called special attention to the Meditation Effect.


In this 25-minute show, which only ended a half-hour ago as I write this sentence, I described how 50 different scientific studies have confirmed the Meditation Effect is real.

7000 people get together and meditate -- and global terrorism goes down by 72 percent.

Similarly dramatic decreases were seen in war, fatalities and violent crime.

Even if skeptics want to argue about whether or not this is "real," the fact is that all other variables have been ruled out -- including weekends, weather, holidays, et cetera.

This effect has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications, including the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

Full post here:


Earth Angel
17th April 2013, 18:21
Thanks Kimberley. I really do believe we can make a difference with our meditation and positive thoughts and sending out love to everyone. I know its easy to get caught up in all of this trauma and drama and conspiracies (which I have to say I think are more often right than not).....but does it help in the big picture.??.....I think a better use of our time is to focus on the positive, be as loving and kind to everyone we interact with as possible.....we can come out on top!

17th April 2013, 20:45
Earth Angel

Yes we must come out on top!!

18th April 2013, 01:50
Yes Kimberly Im Sure We will come out on top. I believe The Dark Ones are truly losing their power base as The Light beings (whom signed that special contract) are consistently shining bright and anchoring positivity so to this wonderous planet. Yes....Those frequencies are becoming a little too high, and thus overbearing in which the dark ones cannot handle. Keep shining and transmitting forth thine frequencies, Ohh Lightworkers. Lets get her done. Mother Earth is counting on her children.

18th April 2013, 02:07
God Bless you Kimberley...:)

Meditation can take on many forms without the individual innately knowing it...

To take a little weight off your shoulders, trust in the fact that the Human Psyche & the Collective Consciousness (WILL) come through in the end...:yes4:

Be careful not to place too much emphasis on the burden of how slow the 'Shift' is developing...

Know that your intent & prayers are being heard throughout the ether and everything will be Ok...

Leave some room in that (Big Heart) of yours for a little (Me Time) in order to regenerate your inner-self, your prayers & hope for a better world...



18th April 2013, 02:30
Hi Kimberley,

This is a Hodge-Podge Re-Post:

I've found that whenever great emotion is triggered, old stuff comes up for either release or to relive. Just human's attachment to the gunk that infiltrates when one isn't looking. I spit it out like tasteless ABC gum. (Already Been Chewed)

For less than twenty-four hours, couple of months back, I walked around the with a freedom I’ve never experienced. It went beyond understanding that life is a hologram. I could only laughed at how could I have ever though that I was this body in this game of life. One realization was: what an absolute... foolish...notion to live life so seriously and with oodles of self-importance. Priceless. Freeing. Lottery Winner.

Drats, I integrated back into the body template. But I have knowledge from the experience; another tool for my power bag. When it gets too heavy I remove all contents and add back only the essentials. Light Traveler. We all are.

The more awaken, the more will awaken to this manufactured came of “Chutes and Ladders”. Damn! We been tricked, brainwashed, suckered in at every imaginable level. Waky-waky.


Ending of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Paula :wave:

18th April 2013, 02:47
WOW WhiteFeather and jackovesk....

Be sure to know Jack that I fully agree and know to
trust in the fact that the Human Psyche & the Collective Consciousness (WILL) come through in the end..

YES I also KNOW that every thing is in perfect order!!!

My reality is safe and sound and fun. However I must admit that I was shaken with the boston explosions in my stomping grounds.

I am still human and susceptible to the lower vibrating energies. Although I strive to rise above them...and I always do. However sometimes, like this time, it has been harder than other times...

All is well and in perfect order!!

Much love to us all! Always in all ways! :grouphug:

18th April 2013, 14:30
Thank you Kimberley for this post. I hear your words and they sure resonate with me. It has been a rough few days and I am usually in very high spirits. Time to dig deep and allow and release. Thank you for passing on the meditation info. Finding the inner quiet at this time seems the best way to ride the waves.

Many prayers for you beautiful community.

May a wave of warm peaceful comfort sweep across the world today. May gentle hearts feel this and add their breath of peace to soften and expand the comforting love wave as it moves and carresses across this earth. It knows just where to flow. Dipping down, swirlling around broken hearts and spirits. Love is alive and flowing. Growing, flowing, embracing. May grief, dispare, hopelessness pain and anger dissolve. May light shine and vibrations rise as we open our hearts and know all is well and we are one. A new day is on the horizon. Look to the peace within and hold steady for there we change it all.
My prayer of peace today.

In Peace,

18th April 2013, 18:38
Paula and Journyon,

Thank you for your great posts!

I am back to my usual self today :-) Thank goodness!

Much love & peace always in all ways!

18th April 2013, 20:19
Paula and Journyon,

Thank you for your great posts!

I am back to my usual self today :-) Thank goodness!

Much love & peace always in all ways!

Just in case, you've got a powerful little friend there with ya.
Love, Paula :wave:

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19th April 2013, 03:11
Hey Avalon folks please read what David Wilcock posted that is in the opening post...thank you!

Much love! :grouphug:

19th April 2013, 12:49
We need a lot of peace being sent our way today. Thank you for your contribution. :peace:

19th April 2013, 14:41
Prayers, Healing and Love
Peace and Silence to counter
Potential fear that may arise
On this Blessed Journey

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