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19th April 2013, 06:56
Most of us engage in generational thinking we nurture and educate our children, we respect our ancestors, we try to conserve resources and retain natural beauty for our descendants. We make decisions because we care about those who will follow, whether our kin or not.

Not so the psychopath. There are those who exert considerable control in the world, and they make long term plans to consolidate and increase the control their own descendants will have, to the detriment of the wider community.

A fertilizer factory explosion in Waco, Texas. Who remembers the siege in Waco involving David Koresh and his followers? Easy for the media to polarise opinion there, it is only one letter from Waco to wacko. Heavily armed fringe groups neutralised, a very current theme. Generational thinking makes it logical to bring Waco back into the public consciousness, and it is not hard for some of us to imagine that the Waco compound was chosen for assault for more than just the then current reasons.

I intend to refuse fear, and follow the path of loving generational thinking.

19th April 2013, 07:16
Actually fertliser is a very unstable commodity and usually the factories are carefully monitored. It is reported that this facility was used for the storage of masses of the stuff, as well as manufacturing. When the fire broke out the firefighters knew at once there could be explosions. It appears that many of the firefighters were volunteers, no shame in that. It is the same in my town-- some are professionals but many are volunteers. Over the years houses, a school, a nursing home were built right next door to this time bomb. This happens frequently in some other countries, but I am amazed that a country like the US allowed this to happen.

So now the unthinkable tragedy has happened. The most likely cause is a horrible accident--- but a foreseeable one. It would also provide a target for terrorists I suppose, but usually such people do not choose a small town in Texas for a target. They prefer something iconic and showy.

Personally i think that the fertiliser plant was always very dangerous. It was much too close to houses etc. Such plants may and do explode. And these facts would be there even if a terrorist blew it up. If the plant was well maintained and/or situated a few kilometres out of town the story would be different. The place would still have exploded, but deaths would be fewer.

There are people who allowed this unsafe situation to develop. They are the guilty ones I think. We need to be vigilant and not allow them to endanger us for their own advantage, and we should fear complacency more than the 'facts' we are fed.

19th April 2013, 16:07
I get what you're saying Music. This is only a couple hours north of me, I have family in Waco. I immediately thought of the Branch Davidians soon after they began reporting on the explosion. When I awoke the next day though, I noticed that they'd shifted the meme a bit, now focusing on the exact small town, West, Texas, where the facility was located. Apparently they first used Waco because that is where the nearest hospital was.

By then, the association had already been set.

19th April 2013, 22:37
As you say, Rahkyt, the association is set, and the nearest hospital is rarely used as the label for a news story location. Sounds crock-like to me :)

19th April 2013, 22:41
but usually such people do not choose a small town in Texas for a target. They prefer something iconic and showy.

What we are dealing with imo is the insertion of something into the group sub-conscious by association. This is classic mind-control following the principles of Bernays, and it even happens on here if we are not on our guard.

20th April 2013, 01:43
Agreed. It all contributes to the underlying miasma of fear they wish to inculcate within the general populations. Hit these places seemingly without rhyme or reason, awakening sleeping associations that play about just beneath the level of consciousness, causing people's levels of stress to rise, their fear and uncertainty to crest, all during a time when the energetic potentialities for mass awakening are at a higher level. By concentrating the msm on a fear meme people are distracted and cannot pay attention to what else is going on in the greater world or within them. In effect, their consciousnesses are hijacked, the collective energy of fear utilized for even greater atrocities.

The current meme is set, they've almost normalized the Police State. Nobody's talking about the fact that they just locked down an ENTIRE CITY for a day searching for this kid. I just heard on the news a bit ago that the FBI took the older brother in after he came back from Russia mid-2012, so the family has been on their radar now ever since that time and whether or not they were consciously aware that they were being used, or even if they did do it on their own, the purpose was served and you can be certain that every purchase of firearms and materials they made was noted and checked off up until the day of the Marathon.

I encourage all who encounter these words to seek the high ground within, even as you peruse the mainstream media, knowing that the holographic reality they are trying to insert and control is ultimately beyond their control.

20th April 2013, 01:51
Now that they have taken one of the brothers alive, it will be used to show gun purchases, his background checks, and all the flaws in the current system which need to be fixed, which most certainly would have prevented this from happening.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

20th April 2013, 01:58
True, everybody was wondering when and if this would get around to guns. Here we are.

That MIT cop was shot and the show of force that was displayed today with those hundreds of cops, university police, security guards and reserves in apache helicopters, armored and emergency vehicles, which was designed to further cow and pacify the masses. It will do nothing to stop extremists, or rather, MK-Ultra programees. People stayed in their homes ALL DAY in Watertown just because the cops said so. Businesses were shut down. Millions of dollars were spent and lost. The population was ostensibly afraid of a 19 year old whose face they'd seen on the news all day, but probably even more afraid of the security forces that invaded their town.

20th April 2013, 01:58
He will put up a fight towards this situation and not will be shown on the Media itself and nothing will be the same with this Topic. Main Topic, What now?

20th April 2013, 08:23
We are, and always have been, controlled by fear. When we are controlled by fear, we are prey to the ego, which acheives pre-eminence. Fear mediated by ego either becomes anger or paralysis, both are useful tools for the elite. When we refuse to be cowered by fear, we partake in, as Rahkyt so neatly put it

the energetic potentialities for mass awakening

When we refuse fear, we allow the heart to be ascendant, and so, clothed in the radiance of our true and eternal nature, we partake in awakening, we become love, we shine, we heal, we grow, we learn, we play.

20th April 2013, 09:11
The show would have been entertaining if such productions moved me. There was clapping and horns, chants of USA and an overall game day celebratory mood in the air as the cop cars and ambulance sloooowly ushered the kid to the hospital. It was, really, an amazing display. A show of force designed to cow, culminating in a victory lap and talking heads crowing with sanctimonious unction.

I observed curiously, as I'm always watching the MSM to see the direction of the misdirection, it often reveals by its focus what is not being concentrated on. In this case, what is missing is natural news. Earthquakes have been ramping up again, indicative of space weather and energetic increases bombarding the planet. There is an extraordinary sensation of grounding into Gaia present and an exhilaration that might have been a part of those celebrations in the streets of Watertown tonight. The energy is not difficult to tap into so this is a good opportunity for those not affected by the fear-mongering to delve deeper and root themselves within the flow of this energy, bending with the current and basking in its bounty.

Elsewhere on the site Gripreaper posted regarding the season, between now and early May, as an historic dark energetic portal. It is not that naturally, that is just how it has been co-opted by the Elite to suit their purposes. The Waco meme seems to have failed, in that it is not running concurrent to the Terrorist meme. I take that as a sign that the indications of false flag preparation are to obvious and further concentration on it would reveal the shaky nature of that particular house of cards.

21st April 2013, 21:02
I think that "dark" energy is a natural thing, it has it's ebb and flow, its balance with "light" energy, but what the psychopaths co-opt is our perception of the energy perhaps, or how we relate to it/process it within ourselves. So instead of "dark" energy communing the beauty, power and mystery of the feminine principle, and helping us ground to Gaia, this energy has had fear attached to it, and this is all most of us perceive. As I said before, once fear is engaged within us, awareness becomes impeded by ego, and our energy is scrambled by the myriad physiological responses within the body.