View Full Version : Will we ever get to see the full video of J Maxwell at the Vatican

24th September 2010, 20:48
Did I misunderstand? Quite a few months ago I think I remember Bill saying here is a sample of the video Jordan Maxwell at the Vatican and the full video will soon follow. Now long does it take to edit and publish a video? Was it published online and I missed it? I don't get it, what takes so long. I got excited about a video from Jordan at the Vatican and about the Vatican but that has turned to frustration and disappointment. I thought Bill said he would finsih editing these vids during the week he was in a hotel in LA and nothing followed?? Free or not if you are going to film something and tell people about then get it out in a timely manner. Please!

Bill Ryan
24th September 2010, 22:23

Hi there, and many thanks for the question. I'm working on this [literally] right now, and I'm well aware that it's overdue. One of the Avalon team just sent this thread link to me with the subject heading "Synchronicity!"

I do apologize. This is all my own responsibility for having taken on more than I could easily get done over a several month period this summer.

The excuse is a simple explanation: ever a perfectionist (and as a video editor with gradually growing but still limited skills), I wanted to include some material that took quite a lot of complicated editing - and I've been traveling widely the last few months, as you may know.

(For those of you who are unaware of my recent movements, I've been in the US and South Africa working on specialized projects, and both trips left me almost no opportunity to focus on a difficult editing project that needed quite an investment of time.

What additional time I did have, I invested in the much less challenging short videos of Credo Mutwa - as it was easier with the hit-and-run editing access I had available to get those edited and published and continue to supply new and inspiring material.)

Now I'll get back to the Jordan video... :)

Very best wishes, Bill

24th September 2010, 22:50
Hi Bill, nice to see you there. :) Just want to say that I am sure many of us here know how hard you work - how much time and energy you devote to this forum and I for one am very appreciative for all you do.
So here is something I have not been able to say for awhile.. "Thank You Bill!" and please take care.

24th September 2010, 23:28
Thanks Bill! I'm sure I speak for us all when I say we are glad to hear from you, and appreciate all that you do.

25th September 2010, 00:32
Bill I have been waiting for this video and the new radiohead album it seems forever. Please hurry so I can have something to look forward to and to see on my birthday month..

25th September 2010, 00:57
Wow that was quick! Thanks Bill, I'm looking forward to watching it. The thought that you may be a perfectionist with the editing did run through my mind. I appreciate that but I just want to see the video. Take care and thanks again.

25th September 2010, 01:11
Thanks for the update bill,i too have been eagerly waiting for the jordan maxwell video,looking forward to that one,take care man.

25th September 2010, 01:13
:) I too have been anxious to see this vid, but I honestly thought that something of a papal-nature :pray: was holding this one up. I'm sure that the Vatican can wait a very long time to view this video...in fact, an eternity.

We know that you have been busy Bill :juggle: and I too appreciate your fantastic efforts to get out the truth.

I'm still anxious to see this video. :evil: