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20th April 2013, 14:46
An analysis of the recent Iran 7.8 earthquake appears to reveal that the event was very closely related to certain prominent Nuclear weapons tests from the past. A possibility exists therefore that it may have been artificially engineered:


20th April 2013, 15:35
our ancient ancestors had high technology, they destroyed themselves five times, each time they rebuilt and found this lost technology , developed it again and the greed for power and total control consumed them and the cycle keeps repeating...

william r sanford72
20th April 2013, 16:00
seems they timed the test to alighn to certain astro events on purpose.also like the referance to musical spheres.and does seem strange to me..iran.just happend to start shaking around the same time the last nuc talks failed??guess iran pissed us off.good thread.thank you.

20th April 2013, 16:04
Hi lightpotential welcome to PA nice post!

20th April 2013, 23:46
What wonderful research! Sounds like one for Carmody to comment on, though... :biggrin1:

Please note that he (Keith Hunter) does not conclude that the Iran quake was in fact nuclear-initiated - merely that both large quakes and large nuclear detonations share a common time/place equation.

It is worth noting in this context that researcher Bruce Cathie in his Harmonic Grid research came to similar conclusions about the timing of nuclear detonations: they could only happen at certain times and places. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Cathie



Adding: Kerry Cassidy interviewed Keith Hunter here:


21st April 2013, 01:06

I found Keith Hunter to be displaying large gaping holes in his logic. For instance, in his example of the Japan earthquake, he is neglecting to mention that the actual earthquake never reached the claimed 9.0+ magnitude clamored by the USGS to "explain" the size of the huge tsunami (see Jim Stones analysis on that one, reposted on numerous threads in this forum around the time of the event).

And, no, I am not arguing about a possible amplification or triggering effect due to cosmic resonance since that may very well be. However, my take is that it's due more to the electromagnetic nature of this universe we live in rather than to some geometric approximation (see the work of John H. Nelson for that -- forum search or Google could be your friend in that case).

See this post (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?30888-Tirelessly-updating-Avalon-on-the-El-Hierro-eruption.&p=662446&viewfull=1#post662446) <--- for the actual seismic signature of the 7.8 Iran earthquake which displays both P and S waves (no relation to an underground nuclear explosion which lacks S waves), then go to this thread: Was the 6.3 quake in Iran Engineered? (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?57971-Was-the-6.3-quake-in-Iran-Engineered) for the debunking of non-sense arguments... but if you still decide to believe instead of letting the data sink in, go ahead and knock yourself out as much as you please!

21st April 2013, 02:37
Amzer Zo knows his stuff folks, I suggest you pay attention to what he says.