View Full Version : Ancient Aliens - The Monoliths

21st April 2013, 00:46
I keep finding these on the History Channel. I don't know if they started a new series or not but here's this episode.



21st April 2013, 01:50
Thanks skywizard- I enjoy playing these. We have History Channel here, but it is very much later with this sort of programming, preferring WW 2 stuff instead, and if it hasn't been on yet here it won't play.

21st April 2013, 16:56
Excellent subject, Skywizard, one of my favorites.

My absoluely alltime favorite storry comes from, Baalbek, Lebanon, about the 3 stones in the base of the temple, and the one still in the quarry, a half mile away, and all of them estimated to be anywhere between 1,000 - 2,000 TONS. At even 1,000 TONS, we have "Nothing" that will even lift them, let alone move them over a half a mile, uphill, and then place them "Precisely" in place.

But I spose they could have moved them back in the day that Enoch talked about, of there being giants in the land, that were as high as 3,000 Els. You know how big an El is? 3,000 of them, would be over a mile high. chuckle chuckle. Spose they could have done it. ccc. :wizard: