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21st April 2013, 07:11
Professor Eric Dollard is the true inheritor of what we all choose to call the Tesla legacy. He is the only person to date to recreate the great mans work. His understanding of not only the principals involved in Teslas technological achievements, but also the larger aggregated human achievement, and knowledge base that permitted them to exist is formidable, and overwhelming in equal measure.

I could write more about this man, but too busy trying to take this mans work in. Quite simply help in any way you can. Whatever it takes. This mode of exploration has to persist, and thrive.





22nd April 2013, 00:14
There are a many interesting books in PDF format that can be downloaded from that site. :)
They have a number of books that discuss Vril, which is something that greatly interests me, so I was excited by that find.

Re: Eric Dollard:
My personal knowledge of electricity is limited to an ability to install batteries and flip a switch.

Eric Dollard seems interesting, but from what I could see he appears to have a chequered history, with a significant string of clashes over the years. There was a lot of placing of blame for his misfortunes on a long list of people and institutions. There was talk of lawsuits and many people having done him wrong. In one particularly bizarre post apparently a member of the Hells Angels biker gang stole Dollard's dog. When I read that, my discernment filter kicked into high gear.

I can't begin to speak to his electrical genius, because I do not have the academic background or knowledge to do so. And I know that his supporters will explain his extremely long string of misfortunes and difficulties as part of a huge evil conspiracy against him (which may very well be true for all I know)

It is just that a victim story like this, with the victim naming names and blaming a variety of people for their misfortunes, always makes me question what really happened.

Regarding his actual electrical work, it would be very nice to see him in a well equipped lab so he can replicate Tesla's work and give the world free energy. But will that happen? I don't know.

22nd April 2013, 01:30
(which may very well be true for all I know)

It has every possibility to be true.

As Rutger Hauer said in BladeRunner, 'I've seen things you wouldn't believe.'

Why, one just happened last week, that I cannot relate to you. In reality, I can physically can relate it to you, but it is not advised.

I cannot speak for his story, but I know of some similar, and I know those stories nearly first hand.

22nd April 2013, 02:09
I feel the same way northstar. I've just found this guy on the net, and indeed he does seem to be surrounded by a lot of noise both good and bad. I think either way right or wrong he has some interesting perspectives. Real out of the box perspective. One of the things that interests me is that he presents his information in context of an Anti-relativity stance. Very interesting.



19th June 2013, 17:30
3 more 'secrets'....


In Unity, Peace and Love

17th July 2013, 23:27
I found a video that has started off interesting. I have been thinking about "natural philosophy" and going to an "earlier" kind of thinking and perception.
Then I checked to see if it is on PA? Then I found this thread.

Here is: Origins of Energy Synthesis by Professor Eric Dollard:

Professor Eric Dollard begins in the 1880 and outlines for us the reality of "free energy" as it is now being used by our very own power grid. This lecture will make it very clear that "free energy": is not some wild fairy tale we are chasing but that the concepts of it's realization are the foundation of our entire energy system.