View Full Version : Be well, be happy, be yourself, "be be"... sorry, that's "Bye Bye"

29th March 2010, 11:44
More like au revoir...

Like some kind of advanced cleaning product... with three forums you now get three times the number of goodbyes !

As if I were revelling in the attention ? :confused:

I just don't feel I can slink off after 18 months without at least a wave of the hand.

I've enjoyed your hearts and souls here. It's been an interesting time of reading, enlightenment and self discovery and introspection.

Even Ray Mears has profited from my dalliance with Project Avalon. Maybe one day I will build a shelter in the woods just for the fun of it.

More (de)pressing is the realisation of just how much time I can invest in the cyber-link to reality.

Yet reality is where your focus lies. I am choosing to not make that focus the forums.

There is an element to forum life that might just as well be playing a character role in The Sims (not that I ever have).

It has been my great pleasure to meet some of you in real life, others I have read your wisdom and seen your hearts. I have no fear that we shall meet again.

I am not afraid to let go.

So with love, I bid adieu...someone said postcards are a good idea, perhaps sometime I will pop back in with a postcard from the Edge. My edge. For there is no other reality.

The reality of forums is another animal. It is not who I am. It is a disconnect of the root of self, a spinning top to be played with, pulled and spinned, watched, and spun again.

I see a reflection of myself in the dancing colours of the top, and now that I am reminded that I do exist, I can no longer depend on a forum to provide my identity. I must look deeper inside for that.

Take care, if you really wish to contact me, you can always still PM me...

Much love,

Kula x

29th March 2010, 11:59
Nooooooo - Well Kula this is a shocker! :eek::jaw:

Your energy has been very much missed in the last week and then you come back with this so so sad news. Ok, that's my lesson taught in attachment. I hope the Devon and Cornwall group have not lost you totally and that you'll still be visiting us down here - don't forget that camping trip.

Too shocked to write anymore!:faint: :sad:

29th March 2010, 12:12
Kula, my friend;

You're trying to make a point here... I can feel it.

We need a fourth for whist in chat. Care to explain yourself?


THE eXchanger
29th March 2010, 12:31
wonderful post, you post, what i have NOT been able to find the words, to post
~ best wishes to you, on your eXtended travels

~ posting boards, have come, at a great cost to me
~ i've spent way too much time on them
(that i can NOT afford that luxury/or, that time, anymore)
today, is also my dead-line, for them too

~however, looking into the next phase of my life

~without a house/or, a place to call home
just freedom / and, finally money to finish my projects

makes me wonder ~
will there be internet, or, NO internet LOL

29th March 2010, 12:38
I thought you'd never go :p

29th March 2010, 17:50
:confused: Take a break for a while, step back and when you feel rested come on back, I do it once and a while even watching TV . It helps, Kula , you've been around for a while , your one of the gatekeepers to the wise individuals of Team Avalon. Even though we have a bumpy ride in the next 2 years , there will be many that make it thru . Knowledge is power, keeping your cool in times of distress to make educated decisions will carry you thru. Being here together for this time has instilled that confidence by us sharing our knowledge together. lots of good thoughts coming to you from Michigan !

29th March 2010, 18:43
I understand...take a break...find some stillness...spend time with the natural enviroment and take the very best care....

Peace and love to you


8th April 2010, 10:02
Postcard from the edge....


Just checking in to say hi to all you lovelies...

Have got itchy fingers to say hello, but in general I'm enjoying the break.

I realise that my stance is totally ironical, I'm actually in favour of the forum having a minute role in our lives.. let's say no more than 5% of your time.

So if you have 3 free hours of time every day - that's about 10 mins... enough to write a post or read a thread...

Not easy if you're a mod :0)

So yeah, I'm not going to win loads of support on this one.. so the only thing I can do about that is to live that principal for myself.

Anyway, rambling over, what else can I tell you? Need to get started in the garden with some planting, today's the day I hope.

Oh and I'm getting rid of my tv today. Wasn't watching it anyway, but how nice to have its space 'vacated' in the lounge.

Sitting there like some unwanted tenant.

So no tv and no forum. What am I going to waste my time on then ???

Well, no preparations either, I've decided I trust too much in life's process.

The birds don't exactly worry do they ?


Love yas

K x

8th April 2010, 10:25

I've loved your posts ~ you have a great sense of humour.

I also understand the desire to simplify your life, and wish you the very best of luck in all that concerns you.



8th April 2010, 10:28
I thought you'd never go :p

I hate to see peoples go but I nearly pissed my pants reading this.........

frank samuel
8th April 2010, 11:26
Ah a man after my heart , life in its simplicity. Through our technological advancements we have secluded ourselves from the real world and the many beautiful lessons we can learn there.
So get on with your gardening don't let us keep you, and come back some time and tells us about how's life in the real world.
Life after all is meant to be simple, fill with lots of adventures provided for free by mother nature. We in this technological nightmare have become busy bodies with absolutely no regard for our world.
Mother nature is just saying is time to stop and get on with our lives, enjoy it.

Many blessings to you and yours...:):thumb::wub:

8th April 2010, 11:27
I'm not gone... just dormant... and yes.. I laughed too :0)

When I realised it's the fun and laughter that I enjoy the most about this forum.. and the friends... it's then that I realise that the context is totally wrong for me.
I want every day to be about those connections and that joy.

The source material of the forum is a dark cloud which hangs over that. This is no reflection on the people, it just happens to be the topic everyone has come together under.

Impending doom and worry, that is not a way to live your every day for me.

Still, can't avoid dropping in to say hi...

Wet yourself any time for me Swami ;0)


P.S. Thanks Frank... and at the risk of turning up again on this thread and sounding like a broken record... I will try to avoid posting on the main forum. The forum is after all a place for posting information about the current state of affairs in the world and which ever toilet we are currently being sluiced down :0)

So I'll try and restrict myself to posting on my home page if anyone is interested in how I'm doing.

Peace n love...

K x

P.P.S. It feels great turning in your tv license folks (those in the UK).. so those of you who want to make some small statement to the PTB.. there's one thing you could do right now !! Live without telly ???? gosh... it's terrifying... I wonder if I'll survive ??? :eyebrows:

8th April 2010, 17:48

Kulapops: Enjoy, Experience, Engage....but don't take your special ornament from our PA house:hippie:


8th April 2010, 21:55
Bye Kulapops. Love ya, see you tomorrow! :wave: