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22nd April 2013, 03:14
A lot of times over the past dozen or so years, a post on a forum like this gave me a clue about something I was working on inside or perhaps sparked some hope because another soul out there did their best to explain how they managed to get through a snag on their path.

Perhaps just as many times I scoffed at a 'wise one' for making it sound so simple to just drop out of the Matrix. "Who the hell will pay the bills?" being one question I was berated for asking many a time. Once by a very popular channeler I helped build up to more than 450 followers who could speak for days on how silly it was to be worried over material things.

When I finally met this person in 3D world I learned they had never worked a day in their life, had servants and a trust fund that made sure they should never have to do a silly thing like 'worry about material things'

I made a break for the fence last spring after months of planning and cutting back everything possible to save money on the side and I was debt free. Perhaps the tale about it will be useful to someone else?

On February 15th I gave the boss a 30 day notice. Was polite 'n professional, wanting to leave a good name behind me. Explained health was failing and I was going to be self-employed. The office joke became that I was just going for a raise and they weren't buying it. I would never leave.

On February 29th I collapsed in the office with a strangulated hernia. While healing from the surgery (Now $12K in debt) a relative came to visit and cleaned out all reserves, food, change jar, even the can of snipes in the cupboard. By end of April, I've spent last penny on keeping internet turned on and am now getting groceries from local churches.

Almost forgot, they did accept my resignation and made sure I could not get unemployment by insisting I had quit and denying I ever reported a medical problem. Of 30 'family' employees who had gained from my skills for 6 years, none would testify on my behalf.

If the Matrix was a being with an attitude I could easily imagine it chuckling, "That'll show you boy."

I remember getting angry with my higher whatever and finally demanding, "You want me to stay, you show me how. I did all I know."

Soon after, a shopkeeper I had spent the time to BS with over the years remembered that I build websites and referred me to someone having trouble with his. This turned into the equivalent of nearly 2 months pay from the job I had quit.

A landscaper I had taken the time to BS with over the years stopped me one day while I was on the way to buy smokes. He was curious about where I had gone. This dude would cut the grass in the dark at my old job. He had been doing it for 30 years and often took a break just to BS with me out on a smoke break.

He hired me to help him 4 hours per day because he was having trouble finding people who would show up. It took about 3 weeks for my body to say, "enough." The hernia surgery was beginning to fail. I told him one day near lunch time that my body was failing and I needed to get home. His choice was to talk me into 2 more lawns and push as fast as he could before I broke. By morning I was lame again but bills were covered now for another month and the website project was still paying.

Perhaps picking up on the blast of anger, this gentleman began bringing me a hot lunch every day. He honestly felt like chit for being part of me getting hurt and I rued a bit how mad I had become. He also hired me to build 2 websites for non-profit groups he worked in and referred me to my next career field.

I'm now a night watchman of sorts for a group home twice per week. Just enough income for food and shelter. As luck would have it, many of the people in it know me because I have been feeding them quarters and cigarettes for 6 years as they panhandled. These people have (what society calls) mental problems to varied degrees, all independent for the most part.

I was humbled my 3rd weekend by one lady who had never spoke to me before. She said, "You are so kind to us. Thank you." Worth a ton of gold to 'feel' that. :)

Was sparked a bit curious the other night by one young man who appeared to be sleep walking in conversation with a comittee. He said, "Well, he's right here in front of me and wide awake now?" As if in a debate? I let him listen to music and pace without a hassle the last 2 hours of his day when I work. (The pacing annoys the hell out of others and they usually ask him to leave.) He talks just a little bit more each weekend.

In hindsight, it was seeds planted while totally in the Matrix which led to this here now where I am more free, daily needs are met and I am actively part of this family that can feel with their heart. It's a bit humbling to see how it all played out.

~ Blessings2U

23rd April 2013, 15:46
i loved your post, :)

23rd April 2013, 16:01
Universe is as Universe does.