View Full Version : What are the ascended masters, are they evil?

Frank Hewitt
22nd April 2013, 04:49
Hello everyone
The biggest concern i have had during these days is the question of the title and it is because i have had this constant flow of information regarding the ascended masters.
I have very little knowledge about them, i dont recall any lifetime of contact with them except St Germain but i do have seen and herd some stuff like the next Documentaries:
Aquarius the age of evil:
The gods of David Icke:
I must declare that i am not against David Icke at all as i partially was a few days ago but anyway here comes my story about my guidance and st germain, it is not necessary for you to read it but you could find it interesting:

I was incarnated in this body 15 years ago, during that time i have had a series of painful experiences that have led me to loneliness and to my actual situation, to loneliness i mean specifically about the fact that for some reason my family feels uncomfortable around me and any friend i get will either be separated from me within 1 or 2 years or will simply "betray" me or forget me (at that time by "coincidence" i met this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfMUt0Kb-1I which seemed to understand loneliness), anyway that loneliness led me to selfishness and that selfishness grew in a mythical proportion to the point were i reached the conclusion that if i was going to have some benefit from life i had to help others as well, because that was going to help me in the end.
Before that, when i was 10-11 years old i suffered from another major trauma wich, i believe, led me to cleverness, before that i was considered average or even dumb but after that depression i suddenly became a genius, i developed amazing mathematical theories (they are not really complicated but i dont know anyone who has ever seen math in that way) and eventually i partially lost my extreme cleverness but anyway my ability to think then led me to philosophical conclussions which led me to taoism and the nwo, anyway, when i look back i see how i have been guided.
When i started to have questions about if david icke was genuine i searched for "rakorsky" and found pictures of St Germain, when i saw him i felt a huge repulsion to him and not with any other ascended master.

Nanoo Nanoo
22nd April 2013, 07:37
you encounter what reflects who you are.

ascended masters , are they evil ? why would they have ascended ?

there is a definite plan to our enlightenment. You do not go up the scale until you get the lessons.

you can only truly look at any being when you are devoid of judgement , fear and paranoiya ( not assuming you are )


Ernie Nemeth
22nd April 2013, 10:33
Before my head explodes, let me just say you're onto something...but what is it?

22nd April 2013, 12:09
If you understood the Tao then would you be asking if anything was evil?

Frank Hewitt
22nd April 2013, 23:04
If you understood the Tao then would you be asking if anything was evil?
With evil i dont mean the normal understanding of a mad guy planning a mass murder, i mean a very simplistic term to cover a much more wider range of meanings, what i mean is that they may not have our spiritual evolution in their agenda, maybe they want to include this planet into their galactic empire or some "crazy" stuff like that, by the way, i dont agree in many of the things that the documentaries say, specially the second video, i do know reincarnation, i do think about a way of evolution and i do not think that the bible is the answer to all our problems, i think that the things about jesus are very interesting but there is a lot of junk as well like "the lord is a man of war"

23rd April 2013, 02:24
Here's my take - I personally do not subscribe to nor honor any designation that includes terms like 'master', 'king', 'lord', etc. All of those terms to me imply that there is some ranking system in place and carry with them a connotation of either subjugation or subservience - which can be quite self-limiting if you subscribe to these conceptualizations. I do not believe in worshipping nor idolizing external 'beings' either.

I do however believe in extending appreciation, friendship, empathy, forgiveness, and mutual respect to others when warranted - just not any emotions that carry with them the implication of superiority or inferiority for any of the parties involved.

23rd April 2013, 03:06
Masters of what? Masters of themselves? Mastery over the experience of this plane of existence? That's fine and dandy, assuming such individuals exist. That is, assuming they can still, in their great mastery, extend compassion and understanding for those of us who are slower learners.

Or is their it mastery over others? That I'm definitely not in favor of, no matter how alluring the package might appear, or how soothing or flattering the sales pitch. I don't have any masters. But I seek to master myself, to harness my lower nature to serve the purposes of accessing my higher nature, and the highest nature of all that is.

I try to guard my thoughts, speech and action the best I can. I try to learn more and more about the true nature of reality no matter how uncomfortable or unattainable it might appear, and I seek to know my true identity. To me, the accomplishment of this is true mastery. Nowhere does this involve imposing my will on others, or manipulating others, or trying to trap others into becoming dependent upon me. And I would expect the same of any so-called "master", no matter what planet or spiritual plane they come from.

24th April 2013, 14:19
I agree

There is a difference between higher knowledge guiding and higher knowledge controlling. I do not like the idea of any entity telling me I have to continue to incarnate in this realm for my own good. NDE's used to excite me, now they just worry me to thinking we replace people controlling us down here with another set controlling us up there, life review ect. I believe in doing no harm to anything and can imagine pure love for my fellow spirits, but I sometimes lack patience with my earthbound counterparts, what is the point of coming down here with wiped memories and making the same mistakes, I am tired of the reincarnation game.