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22nd April 2013, 09:19
Hi Guys and Girls and anyone else that cares to read this I am Magneticman of magnetic service... ring a bell? I think Kryon says that, but I am real and Kryon is another entity out there having a whale of a time I am sure..

Sooo without further ado, let me tell you what I do best and how I woke up in a brief interlude and I must say G'day and thanks to Bill Ryan and all the hardworking people that make this site, that I will get to know, I am apologetic that I havent posted yet but I am a late starter..."better late than never"..

I was holidaying in Noumea at a "club med" and the little person in the back o me head said ;"Dude take a walk into town cause you need some fresh air and exercise and seriously you are truly over the Club Med experience:-D

So away I went guided to the old part of town thanks to my magnetic sonar which works off the magnetosphere by the way automatically drawn to the little shop run by the 99 year old frenchman with his magnetic toy.

For an afternoon and a lot of language issues... Lucky i did four years of French at school which really was a serious waste of time...I was taken with the old mans Levitron. Which, by the way was unflyable as I discovered later. He gave it to me for 50 Oz dollars...bargain...

For the rest of my "club Med experience" I spent every minute of spare time trying to fly a littler magnetic top over an old ferrite magnet that was never gonna work.

So the magnetic God gave me points for tenacity and havin a go..and my then girlfriend thought I was havin another mid life crisis..The magnetic God must have felt sorry for my dilemma cause a month or two later I was rewarded with a gift from another contact in Oztralia. Yep a genuine platinum Levitron.. To say i was excited is an understatement..I was in magnetic heaven. Just removing the contraption from the box gave me a feeling of bliss.

Of course, being a magneticman i had the sucker flying in no time ...Crikey...I couldn't believe my luck...and it flew for a looong while.

The trick with this "toy" was to get it perfectly weighted and balanced and of course the "lighter" the top the better".. if the top is tooo light it just flicks of the magnetic fields, but get it right and wooohaaaa hang onto your hat...

It would bobble and bounce around and I named my first Levitron "ROY" After Roy Harrigan who was the inventor of this magnificent concept.

I even had my next girlfriend paint it with stars and moons and planets etc.. and of course The name Roy on its side.

I know this is taking valuable bandwidth I dont apologise for that ...but I gotta do this cause the little bloke in the back o me head said too:-) AND I cant post pictures yet and I have some tres kewl viewing material..."reme\mber Dr Emoto with the water Crystals... well magnets do the same when treated with Love And Gratitude and with a clear mind focusing on their wellbeing...AND Magnetic action is BEAUTIFULLLL..And I have flown alot:-) AND not all magnets work well together..just like people...

So onto the truth ..which "will set us free by the way"..

So magneticman contacted Roy Harrigan with a letter about how cool his invention was and what a great magnetic concept he had created etc etc ..

He sent me a five page email back talking about things that were beyond me at the time for a "first email' but made sense later. It was daunting...Royboy must have had a lot of midlife crisises as well.. Well hev talkeed about the war at Bathsheba and crikey whats that got to do with it all.

However he told me some things in passing which stuck in the upside down part of my brain.

A communication device... ? yeah what?

Of course I wanted to build a big one:-0

I figured that if i stuffed more magnets in to the thing I would be able to lift more weight and eventually build one to fly me myself and I around a magnetised area, like a dodgem car with no wheels how kewl
and then like have them at carnivals etc as rides and then I was going to build advertising devices that would have the big top flying ....out the front of the circus CIRCUS at Las Vegas yarda yarda ....WRONG...Again...

So with magnetic Glee I went to work... To say over the last twenty or so years (all my watches broke" due to the magnets:-) I was enlightened would be an understatement and tru now give me a bunch of old ferrite magnets even broken ones and I can make em fly +/+ more to follow but I am too slow and maybe they will let me post some pictures cause "A Good Magnetic Picture is Worth a Gazzillion words"..

Thankyou for reading this

Love and Gratitude


buckminster fuller
22nd April 2013, 10:11
Please carry on...:)

Ernie Nemeth
22nd April 2013, 10:36
Let's go for a ride!

22nd April 2013, 11:17
ready to convert my broken stereo speakers into a flying machine... pls give me the cheese!

22nd April 2013, 12:11
This is how a good thread starts, folks ;-)

22nd April 2013, 12:29
Would like to hear more please.

Nanoo Nanoo
28th April 2013, 15:40
it was like the first time i read Jonathan Livingston Seagull . . .

bless you


28th April 2013, 16:35
maybe they will let me post some pictures cause "A Good Magnetic Picture is Worth a Gazzillion words"..

Please do post some pics, its a lot easier to post pics using "photobucket", once you've uploaded your pics it gives you a set of codes, use the bottom one, click on the tree pic icon on the box you post on here, & insert (paste) the code.


29th April 2013, 23:04
Hi, Thankyou for the thought, I will have a look at your link and put some pictures up ;)

I am much better with magnets than computers...cheers

=[Post Update]=

Your spiral is very cool too :cool:

30th April 2013, 10:38
This deserves a Bump Magneticman. I missed this original thread. Im sure gonna watch your posts. Interesting. Oh and Welcome to Avalon.