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22nd April 2013, 12:21
WORLD NEWS TOMORROW -CAPE TOWN- The new footage released by World News Tomorrow USA caused havoc in the UFO world, as it seems to prove that there was indeed some aggressive firing, on what seems to appear as a giant UFO. This event took place on the evening of 6th April 2013 in a small Naval Based village called Simonstown in the heart of False Bay, Cap Town.




Nick Matkin
22nd April 2013, 13:57
Sorry, but as unconvincing videos go, this is one of the best!

22nd April 2013, 14:57
3 questions:

Q1. Do South African naval base use lights when it gets dark?
A1. Yes.

Q2. Do they use helicopters for security and personnel carrying purposes?
A2. Yes.

Q3. What is 'Occam's Razor'?
A3. The most simplest answer using the fewest assumption is often the correct answer. (rough translation)

Can you please provide some kind of explanation in your own words to explain why you believe this to be adequate evidence of the claim you have made in the title "UFO Attack at Naval Base !".

Yes, my post sounds bad, but someone has to be the devil's advocate here, too much poor 'evidence' gets posted on this subject, and in this case it is a news video you have embedded and haven't made effort to share your thoughts.

Thanks for your efforts as you seem to post in earnest. :)

Did you notice the name of the bay? Yes, there is such a place, but rather odd to need to point it out when the name of the town and city is also used, surely that's enough detail to place the 'incident'.

Star Mariner
22nd April 2013, 16:14
This was already posted here:


william r sanford72
22nd April 2013, 16:19
this is or was posted in thread last week..sorry dont recall thread name.and details of footage were talked about in some detail.should go chck it out.thanks for trying cosmickat.

william r sanford72
22nd April 2013, 16:26
just found the thread its title.is... .Its started.....District 9. in capetown. for who ever wants to chck it out.sorry didnt see post above...ignor me please.whoops.

22nd April 2013, 18:24
Thanks for the info, didn't realise it had already been discussed. :)

22nd April 2013, 18:37
I agree with the above comments Cosmickat, But, thanks for posting this...

23rd April 2013, 12:53
I thank everyone for their comment. I checked to see if it had already been posted but didn't see it. I also question this video as it wasn't very clear. During the Awake & Aware Conference hosted by Kerry Cassidy, she received a call from Mike Harris concerning this fire fight. I realize it is all second hand information but information none the less.