View Full Version : Epic rant by Ex-US Marine

Maia Gabrial
22nd April 2013, 18:02
Well, I just got this from 2012thebigpicture blog that I'd like to share. I really like this guy. He voices much of what I think, too. Warning: alittle cussing, but who doesn't cuss once in awhile...?


bruno dante
22nd April 2013, 18:56
He seems upset;)

Here is a profound statement on the emotional manipulation of the US government/media, and a real challenge that dares the american people to be emotionally honest. Ignorance is no longer an excuse...if it ever was one.

PS. Would love to see Kerry Cassidy interview this guy.

23rd April 2013, 02:17
I must say Maia Gabrial, I very strongly identify with the frustration and anger this young man is putting out. I have absolutely refused to watch any news coverage on the so called Boston Massacre, the Sand Hook Massacre etc. because it is created by the United States government to kill their own people.
Will Americans every wake up!

23rd April 2013, 03:16
He sounds so much like Jerry Seinfeld.

Maia Gabrial
24th April 2013, 16:06
Would it make a difference if we all considered ourselves citizens of the Earth, instead of some country? Would it bring us closer together? Maybe if we all just rejected all the hogwash the Rockefellers and Rothschilds deem the way we should live, and let our hearts lead us instead, we'd have a better world....

I don't have a TV anymore and I spend limited time on the internet now; so I didn't know about this so called bombing until days later. I'm appalled with Lamestream for the lousy, cabal driven agenda reporting that they do now. How do they live with themselves? IMO making up the news is the same thing as LYING! And I'm sure everyone here hates that as much as I do.... But here's what I've felt for many years now about Lamestream: They've exaggerated the statistics in the past and as we're finding out now, they've even made them up. Why are they even our source of information anymore? They can't be trusted....