View Full Version : UFO sightings from Int'l Space Station late last week

22nd April 2013, 20:21
Various UFO sightings from the ISS dated April 18th and 19th.


Dave - Toronto

22nd April 2013, 22:05
This appears to be one of twenty one videos that recorded the events:


22nd April 2013, 23:18
If you want to see alien space ships, just do some magic mushrooms one night and sit under the stars.

I often find they really like to linger in the clouds.

23rd April 2013, 04:02
I dropped acid for the first time at a high school dance one night back in '84. Went outside to lay down in a rhubarb patch underneath some hydro wires for a couple of hours. Don't recall seeing any UFO's but it sure was an interesting trip.

Back to the topic an hand, however. My guess is that the ISS has UFO sightings on a regular basis but they are never reported. MSM doesn't pick up on this stuff.

Dave - Toronto

23rd April 2013, 10:58
apparently they infiltrate with such ease,
that if they are seen from the ISS (or other space platforms), they want to be seen for a reason.
I seem to remember one ISS sighting incident that went hand in hand with some crop circle occurrence
(can't remember specifics, or how it was put together)