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24th April 2013, 13:03
2045: A New Era for Humanity

Superficially this video is slick, soothing and inspirational . The word "spiritually" is mentioned. Listen closely. Personally I find the prospects frightening. Not what I want to experience at all. :evil:

Source: Wes Penre latest newsletter.


Editors Note: Here is the indisputable proof that the papers I wrote are correct. This is the Machine Kingdom that we have to avoid under all circumstances, just like I wrote about. Itís like taken directly from my paper @ http://wespenre.com/3/paper09-machine-kingdom.htm. Love, Wes Penre.


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24th April 2013, 13:29
I do not see the enhancement of spirituality within the framework of artificial humans, at all.

this is a false path imo. It should have been starting with enhancement of spirituality, then development of science and alternate society. The presentation is the other way around. imo again.

24th April 2013, 14:50
a mechanical world created by managers and financiers and their scientists who know no better, not today thank you!

Blake Elder
24th April 2013, 15:23
This is where we are headed - exponential growth of science and technology. I think, in many ways, this is leading to far greater understandings of ourselves, but it is causing major disruption and fear. We have many problems - environmental, social and cultural problems due to the incredible speed of change. You only have to consider the threat of technological unemployment. Robotics and A.I. are improving and are able to do many of our jobs better than we can. Within a short time, many jobs will be taken by a.i. software/robots and the economy will face a greater challenge than it already is. But i feel optimistic that we can overcome these problems and vastly improve the quality of life for all of us on earth now.

it is the storm before the calm. The technologies can lead us to far greater abundance for everyone on earth, as well as expansion beyond the earth. If we can survive all of the vast challenges we have before us.

Spirituality is a very personal and subjective aspect of our lives. I do think, these technologies will help us to improve our understanding of ourselves, and therefore help us to create a greater, more comprehensive spirituality.

Also it depends what you mean by a "machine". Biologically we are machines. Machines, as created through our technology, are becoming far more powerful, flexible and even life-like through the iterations of technological progress. They are, in effect, becoming less "machine-like" and more likes us, even as many of us aspire to be more like them.

At some point, though accelerating evolution, machines and people will meet and merge, becoming a "happy medium", a conscious machine/human dedicated to growing and evolving to even higher levels.
Our lives will expand, grow and develop to new levels we cannot imagine or dream of, once that happens.

24th April 2013, 19:16
you need to be clear what exactly bothers you. that this kind of future could happen, or that this kind of future could easily be manipulated into a dark scenario by those in power. I only used "dark scenario" in the latter part of the sentence for a good reason.

25th April 2013, 01:41
Some interesting concepts were discussed, but it includes a total lack of understanding of our role in this universe and the nature of consciousnesses. We are already immortal; so, the stated goals are misguided and the brain is a filter, not the center of consciousness.

So called "civilized society" has always been manipulated by rulers and controllers; so, this is just advocating more of the same systems. There may come a time when man rises above his current nature, but 2045 substantially misses the mark.