View Full Version : The Lame Media are up to their old tricks again!

24th April 2013, 16:47
I was just watching the Alex Wagner show on Msnbc. They were having a
panel discussion on The Marathon bombing. They were stating that
TAMERLAN TSARNAEV was a frequent visitor to InfoWars.
The so called msnbc experts went on to say that the conspiracy theories that
Alex puts forth could have contributed to the bombing itself.

Propaganda for the sheepie

26th April 2013, 12:02
Media talking heads read what is scripted and talk with experts selected for them. T'is similar to the way TPTB organizes black ops projects so nobody knows the full story. I prefer Project Avalon where we share info from independent sources who ask the neglected questions. It is a good sign that mainstream market share is dropping.

Prodigal Son
26th April 2013, 12:12
Actually, aren't these tricks kinda new?

26th April 2013, 15:23
Actually, aren't these tricks kinda new?

No. This is an old tactic! Alex & many others are often demonized and
marginalized by the media. If demonization doesn't work they try and
connect Alex to the event by saying the perp was a frequent visitor
to Infowars or Prison Planet. Its happened quite a few times.

26th April 2013, 18:38
It's an attempt to create a history.

Say it enough times and it becomes historical, a matter of record. Real.

Or, real enough in those bits of context that they will use it as if it is.

More than likely, they troll the net for buzz words and buzz phrases via their data collection systems....and when the depth of penetration of the enforced and created history is perceived to be potent enough, then they move forward to using the implanted scenario.