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25th April 2013, 05:31
Has anyone else read Andrew Pyrka's confessions regarding hoaxing crop circles? I find it all very odd & am posting a link to a discussion with him at another forum, if I may - I (as kleemkrishnaya) asked him about whether he felt any guilt, & asked for his comments on this video, in which something strange is definitely going on, as he himself also admits:

Link to forum discussion:


Link to video under discussion:


Here is the link to his own website:

25th April 2013, 09:53
Just disinformation, just because they have made a few simple circles in a field overnight, takes nothing away from the real Macoy. Remember they may have been got at threatened or just on the make.


25th April 2013, 15:13
If they can explain that crop circles are man made. Lets see them make this in a dry lakebed......
Duplicate This!.......Behold Oregon's Sri Yantra.


As you may know, Eastern Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala Formation in August 1990. It arrived in a dry wilderness lake bed east of Steens Mountain, and consisted of 13.3 MILES of lines, each 10" wide and scored to a depth of 3 inches in the hardpan. The graphic below is the Sri Yantra, and the Pattern discovered in the dry earth was identical in all respects.

Four jokers claimed it - the joke was that they alleged they pulled a 'garden cultivator' like a plow for OVER 13 MILES, in an officially designated Wilderness Area, in the August desert heat - where not even cars are permitted. They concocted the story that they hauled all their gear 3/4-mile to the site each day. (It turned out that that was one of many discrepancies in their story, for they'd allegedly told a sergeant from the Air National Guard that their campsite was actually two miles from the Formation.) A second discrepancy: In their initial 'confession letter' to the newspaper they wrote that all four of them were hitched up simultaneously to pull the cultivator, but the video shows only two of them attempting to pull it. Another one I found of interest is the apparent major exertion seen to be required to gouge a thin 1/2"-deep line into the earth (as seen in the video) Vs that needed to create a trench 10" wide and 3" deep - apparently without effort, according to the same video. (The reason the 'real' line was easy to dig out is because it was already there - they had apparently filled in the trench with the soft dirt, and hoped to give the illusion that they were digging the furrow with their plow.) These 'variations', as well as various others, stretched my own and others' credibility well beyond believability. One can reasonably conclude that the only creativity these four expressed was through their over-active imaginations and not through any grand desert artistry.

Interestingly, the skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard's pilot training area. According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge Pattern on August 10, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress; the Pattern had simply 'appeared' one day...

Various points in the purported 'documentation' which those who claimed the Sri Yantra offered were easily picked apart by researchers who subsequently visited the site. I, too, have noted non-sequiturs and blatant manipulation in previous fraudulent 'Crop Circle documentaries', manufactured and aired solely to convince an unknowing public that the Circle Phenomenon is not worth serious study. I strongly urge each of you to use critical discernment when evaluating any kind of 'evidence' presented by anyone about anything - perhaps most especially so-called 'expert' testimony - and especially as regards the Circles.

NO video footage or photographs anywhere document an alleged creation of crop art (alleged man-made patterns) in progress from ground level AND SIMULTANEOUSLY from the air, to confirm that the alleged 'finished product' is indeed what the people 'below' are alleging to have stomped out in the crop. (Showing people stomping around in the dark, then in the next sequence showing a Formation from the air *does not mean that the aerial is the 'finished product' shown in the previous scene*! Through clever and manipulative editing, that is precisely the conclusion the viewer is being 'set-up' to accept. It is not, however, the truth ... )

The exception to valid video documentation is the Arthur Clarke footage of a 5-petal flower pattern. Although there was no simultaneous aerial documentation, I subsequently visited this crop art and was able to confirm to my own satisfaction that indeed there were no CircleMakers' Energies within it. (Many have claimed genuine Formations as their own, for *claiming* one is effortless, while stomping one out is a major and potentially seriously risky endeavour. And of course, no one has ever substantiated *how* they 'made it', so the statement is simply accepted on a word-of-mouth claim.)

Through personal investigation of the Formations, I've discovered that there have been *literally* a mere handful of man-made designs in Wiltshire and Hampshire over the past five years - the great majority of the Formations, including those in the US, have indeed been genuine Gifts. Confirmation of my findings is provided by extensive and meticulous lab analyses here in the States.

But back to Oregon: The four men who claimed it, of course, offered no in-progress proof of their 'creativity', but made a feeble attempt in a hastily put-together, poorly thought out video piece to show, through reverse engineering (for the Formation was in fact already on the ground when they arrived on the scene) 'how they made it'. The problem, as clearly shown in photographs and the video, is that the lines forming the Sri Yantra *already existed* - they extended in front of where they were dragging their 'plow' - at the time they were claiming to be in the process of making them!

In one segment of the tape, it appears as though they'd filled in a short section of one 'genuine' line then pretended to show how they allegedly scored it into the extremely hard, Sun-baked lake bottom. It was August, and the area was regularly 'scorched' under a desert Sun. Researchers who subsequently visited the site noted that the ground was impenetrable below the top 1/4" of dry, powdery earth. No tire marks at all were present, not even from the alleged 'cultivator', although a month later as vehicles drove up to the Formation, the tires of those vehicles' left 1/4"-deep impressions in the crumbly earth. And never mind asking how these jokers managed precise and perfectly scored lines 10" wide and 3" deep, with consistently bevelled sides, for an equivalent distance of over 13 miles, in the August desert heat when they could barely, and with much effort, score a short 1/2"-deep line; and don't ask how they measured, surveyed, and determined bearings for the Pattern - with its complex integrated perfection of nine interlocking triangles - before they began their alleged plow work. (The Sri Yantra Pattern contains extremely intricate geometrical relationships.) Never mind asking, because they, like all other people who've *claimed* the CircleMakers' Formations, offered no technical explanations.

Perhaps most telling of all, for me, was the segment of footage on which one of the 'artists' who claimed it was video-interviewed. While he was answering general questions about his paintings and personal philosophy, he was reasonably animated and made normal eye-contact with his interviewer. In a later segment in which the two of them were walking down a road while continuing the interview, the artist stopped walking when the questioning turned once again to the Sri Yantra, literally bowed his head, and looked down at the ground. All the viewer saw of him was the top of his hat. During the entire conversation about his alleged participation in the construction of it, he never once made eye contact either with the interviewer or the camera, but stared at the ground. I very clearly received the impression that he was painfully aware that 'his eyes were the windows to his soul', and he was clearly determined to not let anyone see into either while he was, as was obvious to me, lying.

For additional information on this Sri Yantra Formation, check out Dr. Deardorff's excellent report in UFO Magazine, volume 6 #3, 1991 (A Symbol on the Oregon Desert).

25th April 2013, 16:14
We had a lovely hippy couple from the west country flat sit for us whilst we went travelling a few years back. On our return, we were chatting about this and that and crop circles came up. To my amazement, "Rob" said that he was pals with the folk who did the ones in the west country. So we got online and I was asking him "did they do this one?" and he was saying "Oh aye" and so it went on until based on his testimony, all the west country crop circles, especially the impressive ones were found to be man made.

"Rob" and his partner were a very genuine couple.....genuine and trustworthy enough to look after our flat for a month and it is based on his testimony that I am extremely skeptical whenever claims of E.T. created circles appear amongst the alternative community.........no matter how impressive they seem.........my five forints.

25th April 2013, 17:18
Just because one person admits to being a fraud it doesn't mean they were all fraudently made.

25th April 2013, 17:47
Just because one person admits to being a fraud it doesn't mean they were all fraudently made.

Yeah, I agree.

There are fake crop circles, like those made by this group of people (http://www.circlemakers.org/) and there are unexplained crop circles.

Just like there are fake UFO videos and genuine UFO videos.

The existence of hoaxes doesn´t necessarily dismiss the existence of the real phenomena.

Anyway, here´s an example of how fake crop circles are made; This particular group acts in the UK, mostly in the Hampshire and Wiltshire region:



25th April 2013, 17:52
As far as I can see some are real, some were intelligence paid for hoax's and some were just inspired to do them.

Richard D Hall did a very good Documentry about crop circles and how some made
by Team Satan had links to M15.....


Rest of vid on link or U'Tube

Cream of the crop circles:...DAILYMAIL ON LINE


iON Explains Crop Circles


Uploaded on 14 Nov 2011

iON: Crop circles are the nodes of the phytoplankton in the plants that respond a
certain way, which makes them have a certain vibrational frequency, which they lay
down, because they don't crush the field, they actually grow to the ground. It
changes the way they lay. www.howionic.com

25th April 2013, 18:25
Just because one person admits to being a fraud it doesn't mean they were all fraudently made.

Yeah, I agree.

There are fake crop circles, like those made by this group of people (http://www.circlemakers.org/) and there are unexplained crop circles.

Just like there are fake UFO videos and genuine UFO videos.

The existence of hoaxes doesn´t necessarily dismiss the existence of the real phenomena.

Anyway, here´s an example of how fake crop circles are made; This particular group acts in the UK, mostly in the Hampshire and Wiltshire region:



"Fake crop circles".... i love it. Just because a crop circle isn't made by E.T doesn't render it a fake. There are fake Mona Lisa's, Fake Tag Heuers, etc... but these incredibly impressive anonymous works of art are the originals even if they are by human hand.

For the record, my mate's claims were regarding the cream of the UK west country crop circles (which, at the time, were the best in the world) up to 2007.

Never underestimate creative folk..........and regarding the documentaries showing people making crop circles...........chances are those aren't the people that made the really good ones.

25th April 2013, 18:41
"Fake crop circles".... i love it. Just because a crop circle isn't made by E.T doesn't render it a fake.


You know what I mean, right? Replace "fake crop circles" by "man made crop circles". lol


25th April 2013, 21:42
Interesting article.....


Posted: 29/01/2013 11:59 GMT | Updated: 29/01/2013 13:55 GMT

Crop Circles Are No Hoax, Concludes Historian After Studying Google Earth's New
1945 Overlay (PICTURES)

Crop circles dating back to 1945 are proof the phenomenon is no modern hoax, a
Tasmanian historian claims. The mystery of the increasingly intricate patterns was
supposedly solved after several high-profile cases were revealed to be the work of
artists and mischief-makers armed with barrels, planks of wood and plenty of spare
time. Credit for the hoaxes has been laid largely at the feet of pranksters Dave
Chorley and Doug Bower, who in 1991 announced they had been pulling the wool
over people’s eyes since 1978.

The 59-year-old’s research focuses on images from Google Earth’s new 1945
overlay, which Jefferys studied for more than 300 hours. The overlay is a series of
photos taken towards the end of World War II by the RAAF and comprises around
35% of the 1945 overlay of England presently available online. Jefferys points out
the material available does not include acknowledged crop circle “hotspots” around

Read More & pictures......


The few shown are of relatively simple design ,but this is different an early
Black Triangular UFO from 1945..lol...


27th April 2013, 19:27
Everyone knows Crop Circles are made by the a contingent of
the Galactic Federation, Sirian Archangelic League of Light Beings and ascended masters of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

These highly evolved galactic humans/ETs/angels radiate a great deal of love, wisdom, compassion, understanding, peace, light and oneness from the 5th and 6th Dimensions.

extracted from the Guidebook of the Crop Circle Cards, The Living Oracle by Cariel Quinly