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Earth Angel
25th April 2013, 19:57
Given the number of people world wide having trouble with their loans and mortgage payments this is very interesting information. Within days of learning how loans are really created this Finance Broker resigned from his job and has since stopped paying his own mortgage.
This is a short video from him explaining how he got started...43 seconds


if you want to know more continue to this....

This is PART ONE of a transparent Investigation by an Ex Finance Broker.


26th April 2013, 16:24
hi earth angel, you might like the mary croft book posted in PA somewhere.

27th April 2013, 03:57
All forms of loans with interest are slavery. A loan with interest is inherently a off balance situation that is going to end in imbalance between people. There were times in human history when loans with interest were banned, for that very reason.

And then times and places where only certain people were allowed to charge interest. A way of controlling and forcing growth and motion in a system or systems, into one set of hands.

27th April 2013, 04:21
Its about refusing to keep playing the game... to stop supporting a system that is bent on creating misery for others, that others benefit from... So a few on top can live a so-called affluent life at the expense of others that are left to struggle. Its a system that creates conflict. A system that encourages separatism, competition & rewards people for their aggressive behavior, rather than for expressing their joy, a love of life & sharing what they have with their fellow human beings.

Live within your means, stop borrowing from banks, cut up your credit card, if you have a business - stop accepting payments using plastic. Trust more in Existence - it will provide you with what you need. Look into your desires & see where they lead. They ultimately lead to frustration & misery. The PTB use desires to allure individuals into becoming their minions, that are then used to keep their system in place.

Simple awareness of this fact, by enough individuals, is enough to change the system into one that celebrates life rather than condemns it, and makes a misery out of it.

Cheers -
turiya :cool:

27th April 2013, 04:43

Lost Soul
28th April 2013, 05:32
I prefer calling it indentured servitude. That old 18th century institution has been restored.