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26th April 2013, 04:52
What is you opinion on this subject?


26th April 2013, 05:20
Glen Beck is nothing but trash. He has lied about every event that has taken place in the US and over seas. I showed my Mom the proof that Sandy Hook was faked right from the start and she quit watching TV. She watched Beck every day and will never watch him again. The bombing was an exercise and it is very obvious to anyone who takes a look.

26th April 2013, 05:28
He's a 21-2-3b

Let me break that down for you...

2 for 1
Me 2
3 bizarre


Jack: "Ok Janet, we know what it means"...

Ok = 666

Janet: "Jack, you must have had a strong brew of coffee this morning..."

Why are people so unkind..?

I'm just a regular caring female...


Jack: "Thanks for clearing that up Janet"...:)

The Arthen
26th April 2013, 05:33
Yeah Glenn Beck uses legit conspiratorial concerns to draw more audience, but once he's on other avenues, he's back to his own cheap self. He's an idiot, a pundit, and a baby face you couldn't even love.

26th April 2013, 06:13

Poem Title: Blaze that Haze in the Maze

There once was a man called Beck
Who lived in a bubble of wreck

He snatches the Truth with abandon
and Spins whatever he gets his hands-on

A Circus performer he is
A pain in the neck with his biz

Snatch this, Snatch that
Whatever he doth can reach

Becky-Boy you don't fool me
The Truth is the Truth
You'll all agree

Blind I am not
Spin that pot
For all to see...:shocked:

Having said all that Glen Beck does speak the (Truth) sometimes, but he steals most of it from other researchers (most of the time) and he often convolutes the Message with a touch of Spin & at times, a little dose of Govt. propaganda thrown in for his (Truther-Newbie - "I still trust the Govt" audience)...

News to some..?


He can't be trusted...:nono:

Its the whole (TRUTH) and nothing but the (TRUTH) so help me God...:wizard:

PS - Glenn Beck: Obama Will Be Impeached!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

According to Glenn Beck in the video below, we have reached the “beginning of the end for so much of this administration.” “This is much bigger than we thought” says Glenn. A massive cover-up continues and Janet Napolitano, who Glenn feels will get jail time for her role in this cover-up, is going to be the first to fall. Will Barack Obama soon be impeached for his role in covering-up US government ties to terror in our own country? “A drowning man will pull everyone under, you better make sure they’re not grabbing for you.”

This report from Glenn contains much more new information, including news that unnamed and heroic federal law enforcement agents are deeply involved in investigating this cover-up and several other news organizations have censored reports from their own reporters and investigators. Glenn also shares that he feels that those major news media organizations will soon be “out of business”.




PSS - Regurgitated & Old News Glen..!!!

If your a Beck-Fan..?

and don't believe me, Check out his stuff on the Blaze...

I can assure you there is (NOTHING EXCLUSIVE) about it...:nono:



PSSS - My apologies to you (NewFounderHome), I just couldn't help myself...:noidea:

Fred Steeves
26th April 2013, 11:41
Beck certainly airs way more truth than any other mainstream talk show host, but he also uses it, plus key omissions, to lead his curious and trusting audience down a dead end road. I still listen to him from time to time, but only with the old discernment hat set to red alert.

26th April 2013, 15:28
Beck certainly airs way more truth than any other mainstream talk show host, but he also uses it, plus key omissions, to lead his curious and trusting audience down a dead end road. I still listen to him from time to time, but only with the old discernment hat set to red alert.


Now why couldn't (I) have said that in the 1st place..???

26th April 2013, 18:23
Interestingly enough I was going through some of "Beck's" material (Yes, almost none of it is his own research) when I checked back and saw this Thread and wide range of comments. Beck is one of those people like (Not comparing them for any certain reasons) "Greer" or lets say "David Iche". People have a strong and emotional opinion about them that is set in stone and there is no room for any change in their view. I can understand that completely. I being one that has been a victim in the past (In early years, in ignorance... learning the hard way) to spread Dis-Info and I know how hard it is to overcome the stigma on your reputation, I focus on the info more than the person (There are exceptions of course).

However, some of this recent info on the Obama WH/DSH connections to Saudi Royalty, Extremist Religious Groups and other information being slipped to “Mr. Beck” by “Sources” is pretty much the same as I have been hearing for a very long time and on a very consistent basis from my long term contacts. They say all of the people and agencies you would report this evidence to are completely compromised as is the media. Many of these “White Hat Groups” have no idea what to do. From the bottom to the top of the pyramid is %100 corrupt/controlled. They have tried Legal Action, and have lost faith of working within the “LAW”.

We have the BRICS Alliance that has a real chance at unseating the “Cabal” but what would we be trading... evil for lesser or more evil? Those that are Agency and Military and knew what the Constitution was when they took their oath are beginning to think that a Coupe, violence and civil war on a global scale is the answer. Most less aggressive average people disagree as we have been going through a consciousness revolution of our own and know that centuries of war have only brought horrible karma upon our species.

However WE want things to play out the game is underway and coming to a head. It has been kept out of the media but can only be kept hidden for so long. Once the the Western Financial Collapse is complete (Should be any time now) we should then see the last play of all groups. There will be great anger and violence, those of us who are of that path will fight those of US of the higher vibrational LOVE path will need to do our thing.

We really need to do practice what we preach and Pray and Meditate every day to influence the situation with LOVE the best we can. We are fewer but not the under dogs as Love is more powerful than Fear. We just need to exercise our power and reach out to higher realms for help out of free will and maybe see the end of the quarantine of this planet in our life times.

As always IMHO

26th April 2013, 18:55
I wrote off all politics by the time I was 13.

That includes all media of any kind that is even remotely connected to it.

I don't listen to this, hear about it, or run any part of my life in a way that is connected to it.

I don't both trying to excite people about it, or mention it in any way.

It's a write off and beneath all notice. An when I speak to people about it I treat it like it is a dead subject. We are beyond this trite meaningless junk. We are grown up. We realize politics is a manipulation game and we simply don't go there. :)