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26th April 2013, 16:18
The NEW video is an overview of the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives, and how our personal energetics shapes our social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness.


Link to Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) site.....


Worth the time to watch.


PS. This is a prime example of where science and spirituality meet!

Daughter of Time
26th April 2013, 17:49
The HeartMath exercises are the most effective I have found when it comes to forgiving someone for something they did that we simply cannot understand.

If you need to forgive someone, or even yourself, and haven't been able to do it on your own, I highly recommend you look into HeartMath techniques.

The exercises are incredibly simple. I don't know if there are videos describing the technique, but the books are available through your local library.

26th April 2013, 22:14
Magic is the Intelligence of Love in Action

The above idea is one my partner and I have been realising, formulating and working with for quite a while. What we have found is that the more we are in tune with our heart, the greater effect we have on our own and consensual realities. That is "we" as in all of us, not just my partner and me. Magic truly is the intelligence of Love in action, and while it is hard to sustain a continual heart connection in the modern world, it is well worth the effort.

Thanks for the video, we have a slow satellite connection so it will take me a while to download it. If I have any comments after watching it, I shall return :)

27th April 2013, 11:04
Thank you spiritguide for uploading this video.

I transcribed some of the quotes from the video that I thought were especially good:

"Every individual's energy contributes to the global field environment and each person's thoughts, emotions and intentions affects the field. A first step in increasing the coherence of the field environment is for each individual to take responsibility for their own energy. We can do this by becomming more conscious of your thoughts, feelings and attitudes that we are feeding the field each day."

"Our hypothesis is that as enough individuals increase their heart coherence this leads to increased social coherence. As a critical mass of cultures and nations become more harmonious this can eventually lead to increased global coherence and sustainable peace."

"As more of humanity practices heart-based living it will quality the rite of passage into the next level of consciousness. Using our heart's intuitive guidance will become common sense - based on practical intelligence" Doc Childre, Founder of Heart Math

I also followed a link I found in the comment section to the following awesome article:
"Cardiac Coherence: The Breath of Life and Your Birthright By Chris de Castell"


The author gives step by step instructions (easy and free!) how to do the heart coherence technique.

29th April 2013, 10:51
Here is a video that explains that this is not new but very ancient.

Worth the time to watch in an objective manner.


The information provided transends all IMHO.


29th April 2013, 11:42
Many thanks spiritguide.
Gregg Braden has been giving lectures on the very subject for Aeons.
Many of his videos on the Enlightenment: The Ego, what is it? How to transcend it. thread.
There are also notifications and info on Heart Math --- Global Coherence.
There are regular meditations with Global Coherence--- They make a difference.