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26th April 2013, 20:11
Infamous mob boss John Gotti was given the nickname of the Teflon Don
after escaping unscathed from several trials during the 1980s.
(Nothing Sticks to Teflon) Although he was finally convicted of murder
and racketeering April 2,1992.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama seems to share the same good fortune
that Gotti enjoyed in the 80's..

Fast and Furious Gun running scandal
In 2009, the US government instructed Arizona gun sellers illegally to sell arms to suspected criminals. ATF) were then ordered not to stop the sales but to allow the arms to “walk” across the border into the arms of Mexican drug-traffickers.

The Benghazi cover up
Alex and retired Lt.Col. Tony Shaffer break down the cover up


Both of these scandals have elements of impeachable offences but
somehow nothing sticks to Barry.


26th April 2013, 21:33
He may have done a crash course on how to be a president Teflon with Brazilian counterpart Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (former president Lula).
Is involved up to his neck in corruption, but the man is slippery that even catfish.


26th April 2013, 21:59
I posted the below on another Thread... The corruption is obvious, but who is supposed to clean up Gotham City? Owned/Controlled/Corrupt 3 Branches of Gov. Fed/State/Local... Supreme Court (To be redundant)... media... All Military Brass that won't agree to shoot Americans... Should I go on??? He can get away with anything he wants right now. He wants the end of the Constitution and he is getting it. The Thread below about Glen Beck's recent reports covers some of it... it is sickening to look at what has happened to our country... ONLY THE FLAG REMAINS!


Interestingly enough I was going through some of "Beck's" material (Yes, almost none of it is his own research) when I checked back and saw this Thread and wide range of comments. Beck is one of those people like (Not comparing them for any certain reasons) "Greer" or lets say "David Iche". People have a strong and emotional opinion about them that is set in stone and there is no room for any change in their view. I can understand that completely. I being one that has been a victim in the past (In early years, in ignorance... learning the hard way) to spread Dis-Info and I know how hard it is to overcome the stigma on your reputation, I focus on the info more than the person (There are exceptions of course).

However, some of this recent info on the Obama WH/DSH connections to Saudi Royalty, Extremist Religious Groups and other information being slipped to “Mr. Beck” by “Sources” is pretty much the same as I have been hearing for a very long time and on a very consistent basis from my long term contacts. They say all of the people and agencies you would report this evidence to are completely compromised as is the media. Many of these “White Hat Groups” have no idea what to do. From the bottom to the top of the pyramid is %100 corrupt/controlled. They have tried Legal Action, and have lost faith of working within the “LAW”.

We have the BRICS Alliance that has a real chance at unseating the “Cabal” but what would we be trading... evil for lesser or more evil? Those that are Agency and Military and knew what the Constitution was when they took their oath are beginning to think that a Coupe, violence and civil war on a global scale is the answer. Most less aggressive average people disagree as we have been going through a consciousness revolution of our own and know that centuries of war have only brought horrible karma upon our species.

However WE want things to play out the game is underway and coming to a head. It has been kept out of the media but can only be kept hidden for so long. Once the the Western Financial Collapse is complete (Should be any time now) we should then see the last play of all groups. There will be great anger and violence, those of us who are of that path will fight those of US of the higher vibrational LOVE path will need to do our thing.

We really need to do practice what we preach and Pray and Meditate every day to influence the situation with LOVE the best we can. We are fewer but not the under dogs as Love is more powerful than Fear. We just need to exercise our power and reach out to higher realms for help out of free will and maybe see the end of the quarantine of this planet in our life times.

As always IMHO

26th April 2013, 22:07
Great Topic..

TEN WAYS Barry Sorento AKA Obama is destroying America...

1. He’s running up crushing federal debt at a level unprecedented in American history. We are talking trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt. This ensures the the future will bring ruinous taxes, runaway inflation, or eventual financial collapse.

2. He has endorsed and benefitted from systematic violation of election and campaign funding laws. His election saw widespread voter registration fraud from his allies at ACORN and systematic acceptance of dubious campaign donations by disabling normal credit card verification procedures for online donations, allowing donations to be made from foreign donors and from donors using fictitious names. This in turned allowed donors to skirt donation limits if they wished, simply by using bogus names. In the “stimulus” bill, Obama has funded ACORN and similar groups to the tune of billions.

3. Obama has endorsed, and will continue to foster, the entitlement mentality, playing the victim, and mob rule. A typical moment was his warning to bank executives that it was only his administration standing between executives and the mobs with pitchforks. Not mentioned was the fact that Obama’s pals at ACORN were the number one wielders of the pitchforks. Obama is also ushering in socialism at a breathtaking pace. Soon, no major expense in a normal human life will be paid for by the individual. Every major expense, from housing to advanced education to medical care, will be paid for by Big Brother. Incentives to work will be destroyed for both the “rich” and the “poor.” We will all soon be poorer as a result.

4. Obama is gearing up to politicize and manipulate the Census to an unprecedented degree. Given the Obama campaign’s and Obama administration’s other manipulations, I believe it is extremely unlikely that Obama will not end up overcounting “homeless,” illegal aliens, and other Democratic Party interest groups. The result will be to unlawfully shift power to blue states, cementing control of the nation in the hands of statists.

5. Obama is trampling, penalizing, micromanaging, and destroying American business to an unprecedented degree, ahd he’s just getting started. Already we see major automakers about to fail (of course, this is primarily the result of the power labor unions have wielded in the auto industry), we see banks failing and being taken over, and we see restaurants, retailers, and companies in the construction business struggling and failing. To reiterate: Obama is just getting started. It is a terrible time to own a business in America.

6. Obama is lending aid, money, and support to tyrannies and terrorists. From getting chummy with Hugo Chavez to releasing dangerous GITMO terrorists to handing almost a billion dollars to Palestinian terrorists, Obama has yet to meet a terrorist or tyrant he doesn’t seem to like.

7. Obama is discounting and attempting to undermine America’s Christian and Judeo-Christian culture. By constantly treating Christianity as the moral equivalent of atheism and Islam in his public prounouncements — and by proclaiming that America is no longer a Christian nation (even though about 80% of Americans still believe in the resurrection of Christ), Obama is turning his back on America’s great strength.

8. Obama is retroactively criminalizing innocent behavior and excusing unlawful behavior. He appoints tax cheats to his administration and then treats AIG executives as criminals, retroactively imposing 90% taxes on bonuses. He frees GITMO terrorists who tried to kill Americans, and then threatens to prosecute lawyers who gave legal opinions on torture — and broke no laws in doing so.

9. He is rapidly ceding the Middle East back to terrorists and tyrants. He is trying to cozy up to Iran but, more importantly, he is withdrawing troops from Iraq even as violence escalates, risking the loss of that country in the infancy of its democracy. He is moving too slowly and ineffectually in Afghanistan as dangers grow in Pakistan. He is letting the Taliban gain strength to the point where it now threatens to take over Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal.

10. I’ve saved the worst for last. Obama has already reduced funding for missile defense and threatens to eliminate the program entirely. Yet missile defense is the only potential defense against nuclear missile threats from a growing number of terrorists and tyrants around the world. This deriliction of duty on Obama’s part could result in the deaths of millions.

Barack Obama is destroying America. It is up to Americans to realize the danger and rise up against this destruction before it is too late.

Geez, I could go on and on about Obama's destruction of the USA.


Star Tsar
26th April 2013, 22:51
Considerable time + continous HEAT = sticky teflon!