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26th April 2013, 20:58
I found this video and thought it was interesting. I searched here and found it had been posted a couple years ago but the videos didn't work. I thought I would re-post the video to give us newbes a chance to form an opinion... I think I already have.

RationalWiki http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Orion_Conspiracy
The Orion Conspiracy is a short movie by French director/photographer Seb Janiak that was released in 2007/2008. It consists of a long presentation with a slideshow given by an anonymous lecturer to a group of important-looking men that tries to tie every major conspiracy theory in a single unified conspiracy theory narrative. Given the fact that the images in the slideshow are either blatantly photoshopped or taken out of context, chances are that the whole thing is indeed a tongue-in-cheek artsy movie, probably with some kind of message about gullibility and the media, and not a straight example of Seb Jainak being a true believer.

This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary. Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY… —Second half of the description

This may be a tongue-in-cheek artsy movie (more than likely is), but IMO he does do a good job putting major conspiracies into a single unified conspiracy theory.

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26th April 2013, 21:39
I found this interesting. Thanks for posting it!