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27th April 2013, 03:08
Hi All,

Magneticman of magnetic service.

And so we just had Anzac Day In Australia... A day to remember the sacrifices of all those young people who died for what? For the Banksters, oil barons, criminal sycopaths (sorry bout the spelling), better put a "p" in there somewhere eh? could fill there fat greezy pockets with the blood of young people that thought they were fighting to protect there country....NAH its all about the money ...honey...

LEST WE FORGET (AND WE WON"T);) I am a highly decorated (for bravery) returned serviceman by the way..Nuthin like givin it back and saving lives :-)

So I digressed from the real intent of this thread, BUT it is a good way to blow off excess magnetic steam ...when one isn't practicing to be the best spinner of magnetic tops...

Of course when it comes to free energy equipment regularly one needs to start things by hand as the only "input energy' required and a certain knack is required. :-)

Practise makes perfect.

So we pick the trail up from where we left off which I cant even find so excuse moi if I double up a tad..

I became somewhat obsessed with magnets. Because of this I was naturally branded a lunatic by the normal people and a junior professor by the people that knew me.

I learned to "shut up" fairly quickly and to only discuss things with people thereafter that I had a feeling of trust for.

I also met as lot of tres kewl people and they have helped me with moral encouragement.

My Friends Ash and Andrew the benefactors of www.panacea-bocaf.org (take a look at the site) truly thought their was a lot of sense in my magnetic playworld.

I leased a big old industrial warehouse which was safe and secure, (and it resonated with the right energy) and had a lot of orbs. I loved it. It was all done in hand layed mosaic tiles and had a funky cool feel to it. A lot of musical friends regularly rehearsed their and a lot of fun was had by all. To My good old Magnetic GPS and guides thanks for "the shed".

I collected a lot of magnets, from all sources that I could find. I had a front office area with a BIG mirror that I was able to sit at a table in front of and fly my magnets over all sorts of different lift platforms. Also I was blessed to have the best neighbours who also lived in their warehouse next door to Mel and Mark and Terra the dog thankyou from the bottom of my heart. They "understood" what I was doing and Mel filmed a lot. She had the female knack of getting the best shot at the right moment.

So I had a normal job, but was able to go to a magnetic world at night time when the emf pollution was low and with not many other people about and build all sorts of magnetic contraptions . Very regularly dawn would arrive and I would still be creating and building. Industrial areas are tres kewl to live at:-)

On a particular Saturday afternoon the little man in the back of my head said "you need
to go get some crystals".

I had always looked at crystals as rocks and had had no interest in them whatsoever.

Within half an hour my magnetic GPS found the little crystal shop with the cockney lady who "took me under her wing", Thankyou for that.

She said, "Don' t worry the right crystal will find you take your time" and I did.

Well to say the right crystals found me was an understatement...

I am not a cashed up critter so she would let me take them and pay her off on the drip. Some of these most exquisite crystals made my baldspot resonate.

I would study them a lot and yep you guessed it I would see faces and all sorts of interesting things inside them. Must be how crystal balls came about.

So I would get the trusty old dolphin torch which I upgraded to 10 million candle power :-) and go into crystal world. I would regularly shine a light at my crystals and the patterns created on the walls of my old shed were to say the least amazing. I would get lots of eyes, or faces anyhow check it yourselves.

I was also guided to study footage of flying saucers and the like.

So I had the ability to levitate magnets over a lift platform.

I had my trusty torch which had the light energy and my crystals..and my old digital camera and my very old 'mobile phone" camera (refer to Eric Dollard about mobile phones) LIGHT, MAGNETS AND CRYSTALS FOLKS...

and I need to leave this for the time being but I am going to continue this later on this evening because "the little man in the back of my head said too:-)"


27th April 2013, 07:31
Thanks magneticman, looking forward to more.

27th April 2013, 10:18
Hi Magneticman, I enjoyed your post and am looking forward to reading the next installment.

Have you heard or read about Ralph Ring? His website is below. He was interviewed by Project Camelot a few years ago.


27th April 2013, 14:17
Hi Magneticman,
I thought you would find the link below useful and enjoyable, it's to a Project Camelot page, about Ralph Ring.

Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. With the aid of his small team, Carr, who was himself a protegé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a number of flying disks, which worked.... prior to their experimentation being forcibly terminated by government agents.
In a dramatic experiment, Ring co-piloted a 45 foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously. Ring, now aged 71, tells his story –the first time it has been reported.

bruno dante
27th April 2013, 23:06
Very cool thread MagnetMan. You ever heard of Bill Grey? He was a healer here in the states in 40's and 50's. He wrote a book called "know your magnetic field".

His method involved the laying on of hands, and what he said was the manipulation of one's magnetic field. He claimed his power.derived from the "vanallen belts" - the ring of magnetism that surrounds the earth.

28th April 2013, 05:14
Hi Sunflower,

Thankyou for your thoughts and positive energy:-)

Ralph Ring's interview was one of the very first interviews that I ever saw on project Camelot, Crikey, my magnetic GPS just leads me to these people. Ralph is an exceptional human being who knows a lot more than we see on film. I understand his angst however. I also studied Otis Carr who again was extremely connected. I totally "get" the way crystals work. I was able to obtain a perfect 45 kg Brazillian crystal Sphere and I have footage of how I energised it with ferrite magnets and my trusty old dolphin torch":-) My Quote to you would be "Crystals are timeless, most people don't understand them, they require the right foreplay to get them going and like a fluorescent tube need an impulse or resonant energy to start them" anyhow I was initially daunted by my big old crystal ball but was able to come to terms with it. They carry the same cosmic energy that magnets do but much more powerful.

Take care and thanks for the link.

Magnetically yours,


28th April 2013, 07:43
I keep coming back to your threads. Must be your magnetic personality! Great stuff and welcome to the forum.

28th April 2013, 11:17
My Quote to you would be "Crystals are timeless, most people don't understand them, they require the right foreplay to get them going and like a fluorescent tube need an impulse or resonant energy to start them" anyhow I was initially daunted by my big old crystal ball but was able to come to terms with it. They carry the same cosmic energy that magnets do but much more powerful.

Yes, that's me, one of the people who don't understand them! Your description makes perfect sense.

I guess BMJ and I noted the intuitive approach used by you, Ralph Ring and Otis Carr. I won't even ask you now if you have read or heard about Walter Russell! :p

And now looking forward to the next installment.

Nanoo Nanoo
28th April 2013, 14:19
Sheer Brilliance !!! i have only read this thread but ima fan already !

please tell more


2nd May 2013, 17:49
my magnetic gps lead me here too...interesting so far!