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28th April 2013, 14:42
When I was a youngster I joined my local rugby league team as soon as I was old enough. My coach was a big guy, 6’ 6”, ex-special services, Vietnam vet. All in all, a scary looking guy but with a heart of gold. We were the poor kids, housing commission homes, cheap boots and uniforms but we did very well thank you in the local comp with the other poor kids. Next year they put us in the wider comp, lowest division, our coach came with us, and we blitzed every game, with scores of 135 to nil being common. We went straight into the top league then, us and our coach, playing the rich kids, who had all the gear and were driven by the ferocious support of their high achieving parents. It was a tough year, but finally after much struggle, and some broken bones due to the dirty play of society’s future leaders, we reached the grand final.

Before the game, our coach sat before us and said: “You know boys, it doesn’t matter what happens today – you have worked hard, bucked the odds, and just getting this far is a victory in itself. The side we are playing are the hardest, dirtiest side going, and even if we lose, remember that you are all winners. Play hard, but play fair, and know that no matter what happens out on the field, I love each and every one of you for the courage you have displayed by getting here today.”

The game was the hardest we had played so far. The other team was so psyched, and so driven by the screaming of their deranged parental units, that they began to become rattled each time we held them from the line. The abuse from their coach and parents was shameful, and they became flustered, fumbling passes, missing chances, and then shaking and turning on each other. We calmly and quietly took control of the field, and each success from us earned these kids more abuse. The more pressure and abuse they got, the more mistakes they made. We had trained hard, and were disciplined, and eventually – inevitably - the day was ours. Our coach, the toughest guy I have probably ever seen, had tears in his eyes as he congratulated us. We felt like we were on top of the world. Not all of us kids learned a lesson that day, but I know I sure as hell did.

We were trained by the military mind, the rich kids were trained by the business mind. We maintained respect for our foes, they had none. They felt they had to win at all costs, we just wanted to do our best. I always try to remember that most people who join the military are decent folk who do so for the best of reasons. I am confident that these people will be the ones who will fight our corner when (or if) the slave-owner mind makes its final move. All is well, the bulk of humanity may be brainwashed or deceived, but at heart, they are decent people.

28th April 2013, 16:32
tryanny will never last... humans always long for freedom...

28th April 2013, 16:58
One can never give up hope. Our biggest problem is that we think we are alone. As groups like this take a bigger role is our life the word of togetherness will just increase. I cant wait until we have some mainstream media behind us, our own TV station.

29th April 2013, 06:26
Freedom is our natural state after all :)

Togetherness is vitally important, thank you fmkmrf. For me, it is a truth that we are not alone - ultimately we are interconnected, not just with each other, but with everything.

I posted this story because I find it to be inspirational. I related it to someone else, and it brought tears to their eyes, so I thought "hmm, this has power, better share it." It is very easy to despair with all this talk about this and that, martial law, gun confiscation, invade this country, send drones to that country to kill their women and children, blah blah blah fear inducing mainstram media. I have had enough of it. The military is not the enemy, the people whose money controls the people who give orders to the military are the problem. Many of my friends have a problem with military personnel, even to the extent of refusing to observe those days where we remember the men and women who gave their lives for the best of reasons. We are all deceived, and we are all brainwashed, yet we remain human, each and every one of us.

We each chose to serve in our own way, and I will say here and now that I am not immune to brainwashing or control. My saving grace is that I have awareness of what is going on. And you know what? So do a lot of people in the military. The elites will never win - in fact, they have already lost the hearts and minds of those they intended to use as their strongarm.

I would ask anyone who knows someone in the forces to send them a copy of this, or link them to it. I have already shared it with those I know.

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