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28th April 2013, 15:41
854,000 People Have Top Secret Clearances To Watch Your Every Move

(Before It's News)

Guerilla Girl Susannah
If we are to believe an investigative report by the Washington Post sighting the out of control surveillance in this country then the information they have rendered should be enough to doubt a terrorist attack could happen in the United States of America without somebody knowing it was coming. For all of itís enlightening numbers and scathing criticism they never mention the obvious fact that government uses this huge machine for the surveillance of ordinary American citizens.
The numbers are staggering. In this country there are an estimated 854,000 people with top-security clearance nation-wide and over 33 complexes in Washington D.C. alone dedicated entirely to surveillance of the public. The article also claims there are 51 federal organizations and military commands, operating in 15 U.S. cities, that track the flow of money to and from terrorist networks. They claim that so much information is coming in about terrorist activity in America that they canít keep up with it all. Are we to believe that all of that suspicious activity is being generated by Isalm?
While the Washington Post clearly seeís this information as evidence of waste and oversight, we see it as evidence we are all considered potential terrorist and the government is clearly keeping tabs on us all.
To Read the full original article and view important graphics please see: http://www.pulitzer.org/files/entryforms/WashPost_TSA_Item1.pdf

28th April 2013, 16:04
The world is pissed at the leadership? of these leaders and their intent on their people, for profits and riches and property and prestige.

Are we all terrorist that disagree? NO.
Are we all interested in what was and is being done to us and our children's future, who rely on this generation to make the valid decisions/laws to keep the peace and not take civil liberties from citizens? YES and we better quit pussy footing around with our children's future.
It's really quite simple really. Those who were paid in DC to sit and watch this country collapse, or vote to put the country in collapse, and NOT jobs/bootstraps for the people to pick themselves up emotionally and financially, HAVE TO BE LET GO. THEIR JOB IS NO LONGER AFFORDABLE AND THEY DON'T WORK FOR US.

99% of the people are on the "coffer hook of the monopolies" who keep inventors from competing/climbing the ladder of the American Dream and feeding their families or surviving.
The change/medicine won't be welcome by the rich old codgers, but it's for the country's good. You're either a part of the cart/US, or you're part of the problem. You can't use the nation's name and commit heinous crimes and leave the retaliation on the public who knew nothing of the boardroom plan.

Time to lock them up and toss the key. Lifetime of community service with a bracelet and NO travel outside of the state, like regular criminals.

28th April 2013, 17:00
No wonder Social Security keeps getting cut, and we have to pay for Obamacare, etc.

10% of my tiny SS check goes to Obamacare that I can't even use right now.

Imagine how much money would be generated simply by terminating the employment of these black hat ****ers!

I live for the day when people truly exist in a state of equality, where all people have the chance to use modern technology in order to better their lives.

As it stands, we get the table scraps at best, and the elite enjoy the actuality of progress.