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778 neighbour of some guy
29th April 2013, 11:43
Price range from 100/500 dollars.


See the test report on their page, its extensive.

full detailed information about the AquaPail.

AquaPail Test Results.





29th April 2013, 12:55
5000 gallons from a sewer? hmmm... I noticed his drinking from the clear pail was more of a sip then a big healthy slurp. These types of products should be sold on scientific information alone with actual third party verifiable test results. It does sound like it has potential though and does make a lot of sense and would be handy in an emergency. Then again you know where I would get my water in an emergency.

Distilled (and thus negatively charged) 100% sterile and fused with naturally occurring biofactors that perfectly mimic your own biology, and therefore optimized for maximum absorption. To deal with exactly what your body needs to repair itself at that exact point in time. Ready to recirculate back into your biological tissue. I just thought of something, remember that movie "Wanted"? They lay in a vat after being wounded to instantly rejuvenate and heal. They also had the same concept in "Daredevil" Hmmm...

And before others "poo poo" this idea. Another thought, what is one of the biggest correlators to health? Is it not circulation? Higher levels of circulation are associated with increased health? Thus why we have baths and saunas, colonics, etc. it's all about maximizing exposure to biological tissue in order to stimulate its own natural response. In the case of increasing circulation, what is circulating? Blood of course.

What if there was a way to take an extract of the most powerful life giving medium and re-circulate it through another channel. The skin organs, the eyes, the esophagus, would that not allow even greater penetration and thus 'circulation' of this same life life giving essence to the rest of the body? What if you could take such a medium and mix it with sterilized distilled water. And then have that available whenever your body needed repair and rejuvenation? It's sounds incredibly complex and expensive, customized distillate of over 2500 designer life giving biofactors specially created to match your own chemical producing hormones, extracted and then added as a 'tincture' to sterilized distilled water. That almost sounds like something out of a movie! Maybe only someone like Batman could afford it, or those hitmen from "Wanted" (lol). Perhaps this is being used by some of the most eccentric elites of the world.

Oh well, it's always nice to imagine.... ;-)

778 neighbour of some guy
29th April 2013, 13:00
My bet is on the bucket, made in USA, i assume its tested correctly and seriously doubt they would pay millions in damages to loss of life, i 'll take the bucket anyday.

29th April 2013, 21:47
I want one!!

30th April 2013, 02:31
......... What if there was a way ...

I've often thought about this myself and have considered making a homoeopathic potency of my own blood or sperm, though I think that for it to be most effective it would need to be done at a time of optimum health

1st May 2013, 12:27
......... What if there was a way ...

I've often thought about this myself and have considered making a homoeopathic potency of my own blood or sperm, though I think that for it to be most effective it would need to be done at a time of optimum health

That's the point Marisafe, it's already been done, I was making a thinly veiled reference to urine. That is exactly what is described above. By re-circulating your own urine. Your body will refilter it through your own system and your body will remove increasingly deeper levels of toxins, virus's and waste from your body through the actual waste channel... (the feces) Starting at whatever level of sickness you are at. In fact it is perfectly designed to heal that particular ailment or dis-ease exactly. (re: John Armstrong - Water of Life) This has to be one of the greatest kept secrets of life.

And if anyone wants to consider urine as waste answer this question. Give me one example of a waste or disposal system that creates 100% sterilized output? that is completely consumable and usable for human consumption? Where in fact is anything that is sterilized ever associated with waste?

This and hundreds of other factoids have all been systematically suppressed over a period of hundreds of years and thousand of existing studies (right here in the West) in the interest of a Rockefeller controlled mulit billion dollar, palliative care based, symptom treating, artificially created drug programs with guaranteed side effects... with predictable results...

Anyhow just saying, if after several buckets, you notice your water isn't tasting as good as that sip he is taking suggests...(not to knock the bucket...) or if you want or need to extend your water supply, you might at the very least, in an emergency take a sip of the "water of life" and take your own "perfect medicine" at the same time. And there is nothing that can beat the efficiency of that, especially in an 'emergency' ... but the fact is whole body rejuvenation is available to everyone on the planet. It just takes ego adjustment, and the ability to humble yourself to your own truth. The reward could be the difference between life and death.

(Sad note, my aunt has now been diagnosed with cancer... but is happy with her 'treatment' (...sadly watching and waiting...)