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1st May 2013, 22:35
I agree with Raf.'s thread “Sirius Documentary Review” 100%! I kind of fill let down because I thought we would learn something new. Whoever said it was all about Steven was right and I think they jumped around a little much. Anyway for those who don't do Torrents here is the video:

Source; http://vimeo.com/65242852

Sorry guys BUSTED...


1st May 2013, 22:50
I just watched it for the alien looking being other than that I woulda had no interest in it at all.

2nd May 2013, 02:03
IMHO, the best UFO documentary ever made is a film called "The Day Before Disclosure" by Terje Toftenes


Here's a link to the actual film...http://documentaryaddict.com/The+Day+before+Disclosure-1097-documentary.html

It's absolutely beautifully made and flows really well with great information - quite in a "storytelling" style. They've also got a great one about crop circles.

2nd May 2013, 03:39
Take note, DR.GREER is all about free energy technology and changing our world for the better, his witnesses are military people ... if that doesn't tell you the danger of the military industrial complex nothing will... they have the power to change our way of life and give true freedom to the world, no more electric bills and such, no more gas powered cars, the military chooses control over freedom ... they hide technology in security clearance jargen from politicians who could care less where the huge black buget money goes as long as they are re-elected and don't ask questions ... if you want to be sirius about ETs, lets talk about real earth history... the documentary is great for sleeping minds that are in the dark and want to know , for it's purpose its a great video ...

2nd May 2013, 05:28
It was alright. Glad to now know that the tiny skeleton wasn't a hoax.

The growth-plates showing that it was full grown when it died is also very interesting.

2nd May 2013, 12:54
I enjoyed the doc very much. No apologies, Sky Wizard, needed for the quality. I have been following Steven Greer's investigative endeavors and this film is a faithful rendering. The bits about the alien entity are well-done and credible.

An excellent follow-up would be Steven Bassett's current press conference on disclosure in Washington. Check Kerry's blog for news and links.

2nd May 2013, 20:03
Source; http://vimeo.com/65242852
Video no longer available - Vimeo apparently got a copyright take down notice.

2nd May 2013, 21:33
I am not sure if this is the same thing?