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26th September 2010, 07:41
Here are several links, too much to cover here on the MASSIVE cover-up that continues to worsen along the Gulf coast. They are begging for more doctors to help assist an emerging health crisis and thousands of people are begging for help in evacuating, but no one hears their cries because the media is busy covering up this crisis INSTEAD of covering it. And the government is complicit. People as far north as Tennessee are reporting illness, this may be affecting one third of the country or more.

Masses of people are becoming very ill, they need help and are being ignored or even worse, bullied and threatened into silence by BP thugs who are already suspected of killing one whistleblower, Matt Simmons, as well as committing numerous acts of aggression towards those raising their voice in protest, or even worse people asking for help.

Here's a link to a full page of articles on the Gulf, including the two below:

Call for more barefoot doctors

"My brother's recent hospice... is telling me about patients dying of internal bleeding and pneumonia after getting rashes and respiratory illness. And also getting sick and bleeding internally after eating Gulf seafood." - Correspondence to Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, September 17, 2010

More and more serious health complaints from people along the Gulf Coast, especially from Louisiana and Florida Panhandle, are being made to Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD) that have called for stronger community members with compassion throughout the region to become barefoot doctors to help serve growing needs of the sick and the poor. Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors is a grassroots initiative of volunteers and no paid staff.

Too sick and scared of Obama's thugs: Australian SBS reports Gulf truth

A sixty-six year old Louisiana grandmother, an environmental scientist, has threatened the American petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) by collecting approximately 600 testimonies from Southerners stricken ill since the Gulf Operation overtly began April 20th, too afraid to speak out publicly due to hired black operatives intimidating locals, even threatening their lives as detailed in Australia's Special Broadcast Service (SBS) Dateline News report, but not American news reports.

Wilma Subra and now many Australian TV viewers know first-hand why Gulf Coasters are afraid, the same reasons most Targeted Individuals live in fear. Since the Gulf operation onset and Subra's advocacy for the coastal people and environment, she has had repeated office break-ins, intimidating anonymous phone calls and death threats, all part and parcel of secretly hit-listed as indicated in the SBS special report by Sophie McNeill, Toxic Legacy on Youtube as 'Wilma Subra' below in which Subra states:

"One individual who was proposing a nuclear radioactive site threatened to kill me, my family and the local elected official and his family, so I had bullet proof glass put in on all the windows on the front and I had a security consultant come in and he said move everything to the back of the office and thatís why my computer is now in the back so Iím not so visible up front.

"So, here is a stack that I record all of the complaints that come in but I canít show you information on the complaints because Iím protecting the identity of the people who called in the complaints because they are very scared of repercussions..."

Obama's authorized hit-list appears to be squarely aimed at people who dare speak out, suppression through the CIA's hired mercenaries, private contractors such as Blackwater (Xe), it's 20 subsidiaries plus Wackenhut and others defending crimes on the Gulf Coast. It appears as though these thugs are using their dirty tricks to both maintain the controlled U.S. mainstream media black-out of Gulf news that would be in best interest of the public and to enable the petrochemical-military-industrial complex to continue its slow-kill operation of Gulf Coasters where it continues to gas people and all other life struggling to survive.

Article continued, including videos here:

Ethereal Blue Being
27th September 2010, 00:15
It is going to be very difficult to get Drs to go to the Gulf as this is not and aftermath the risks are ongoing. Most Drs dont want to become a casualty of the toxins. and I'm sure they won't be allowed to wear haz-mat suits and respirators as it would panic the populace. This is so horrible.