View Full Version : Those who rule do not care about us. So fooey on them!

31st March 2010, 07:27
They pretend they do, but they don't. So that means if anything is going to get done, it is up to me.

It is up to me to stop giving them my energy, stop eatting their crap and paying them for it. Every penny I don't give them is a penny they don't have (I don't have to hurt me.), and lots of pennies add up to a lot. Since corporations rule the world (I allow corporations to exist), don't buy corporate products (But I don't have too). It's that simple.

I must stop allowing them to continue to program mind. Be cautious about what I let in. Be careful what I allow children to ABSORB. Heal the mind, it has been altered and twisted.

How many full plastic garbage bags do I throw out every month? Multiply it by every home, in every city, etc. It really is up to me to stop buying the products that the corporations pollute the earth to manufacture so I can buy it.

Does Earth cry because of what I buy, I think as I toss the dirty plastic baggie into the plastic garbage can bag? How much of what I eat comes wrapped in plastic? I give them money for that?

The power IS in the dollar. They are (I am) using the dollar as a trap against me but it works both ways doesn't it? NOW is the time. The last kick to shatter the glass (of this illusion) has got to happen.

Refuse to be negative, starve the vampire.

We have to turn our backs on what does not emit love. Let it go.

No one is going to do it for us, we must.

I am feeling a lot of frustration and feel compelled to examine everything I am doing - does it hurt or help? Even in tiny things. Aaaah!!!

Feeling from my Heart.

31st March 2010, 08:45
Refuse to be negative, starve the vampire.

So true, Love :wave: