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14th May 2013, 23:44
Act if you can... I am unable to capture a whole web site... thank you if you can!!!
Much love. peace and fun to us all!!!

Urgent massage The Keshe Foundation under heavy attacks

Urgent massage The Keshe Foundation under heavy attacks

As you have noticed the Foundation, the site of the Foundation and the forum in the past three weeks have been under heavy attacks by creating traffic on the servers.

These attacks have been orchestrated by nations and major cooperation’s on the Keshe Foundation website and not by individuals.

We have two choices; to allow these attacks to go unanswered and shout down or we as organization of Keshe Foundation find a correct and peaceful method to overcome the situation.

My suggestion to our webmasters has been to allow every nation and whoever can to load and make a copy of the Foundations website and forum, and as one server gets attacked the others open the channels to their server.

In fact this will not allow any server to be jammed or block as now several tens of servers will carry the site.

This is collective stand against those whom want to silence the technology, now you understand why we have been so cautious, as now that we have started showing the reactors and other scientists are doing the same, they others are trying to bring the technology to a stop.

If you have access to server where we can download our website securely, please contact me direct and give the Foundation access to it. If you can donate server space to the Foundation as service to the Foundation and what we are trying to do for the humanity then organize as many server access for us to load our website securely which we control for even one month and two months at the time.

The point is that if the technology was not real then nations would not have spent hundreds of thousands and millions euros to organize such an attack on one the most powerful servers and its mirror to stop the process.

As we have given the technology freely to you, now it is time that you stand for your rights and protect your interest.

We do not fight, but find peaceful solution for the problem.

The solution is that as many servers that can carry a copy of the website, these people cannot block the technology and this is what we exactly did with our patents.

We need as many servers as possible to be given access to our website to be loaded to and we need them as soon as possible.

This way we allow world scientists to bring the technology into collective operation as we have seen in the past weeks without these organizations and nations forcing to shelve or block the technology.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation

15th May 2013, 00:14
avg w/clear wifi?

Should work. FoxFire? Lenux? Ohhhh, used to be "mogolus" now it's just LIVESTREAM.COM Community sites. Try all three, they aren't expensive. I like Clear/com WiFi mobile where you can load it anywhere via satellite.

15th May 2013, 00:27
Hmmmm... this message contains insufficient information to conclude an attack by a nation. In my understanding and previous knowledge, if a nation would like to take down a web site, it would already be done and over.

Could this be a way to establish a feeling that this technology is real and existing?

On the other hand, if this technology really exists, that would definately be a target for you know who...

15th May 2013, 01:54
I am just the messenger...I do not know what to do with this message?

Much love, peace and fun to us all...that is all I can say? :grouphug:

16th May 2013, 03:13
So far the site is up and running with no difficulties. My intentions are that this gets accomplished swiftly. The Old corrupted and aged paradigm is doing such a great disservice to this great planet. Lets keep our intentions locked and focused on having this false paradigm crumble. We as powerful individuals with our thoughts only, can tilt this playing field. As consciousness alone creates the reality. Remember what we signed up for. Together we can get her done. The Universe is very giving. We just need to ask and send out our intention........

Kudos to MT Keshe


16th May 2013, 09:34
Am i correct in thinking that Avalon has a back up server? Can those in the know not advise Keshe how to do the same. Can they have multiple back up servers?

Or could Avalon not assist Keshe with his request somehow?

I do not have the technical know how. But many Avalonians do.


16th May 2013, 13:03
I'm ignoring the warning of course but this is what greeted me when clicking on the link

I hope people take the time to read posted comments on that page and not simply trust the 'warning' label

16th May 2013, 14:43
I'm ignoring the warning of course but this is what greeted me when clicking on the link

I hope people take the time to read posted comments on that page and not simply trust the 'warning' label

Agreed. Sadly I do not believe most people read that. As I stated before, if a nation wished to take down a web site it would be done quite easily. But that is like saying "It is true. This web site have the technology they claim". Lower a web site reputation is a smarter way, it doesn't prove that a nation or a large organisation is behind it, but in this case it smells a bit fishy!

Mad Hatter
16th May 2013, 16:05
So does anyone have links to the sites of those who have independently built tested and published the results confirming that any of the Keshe stuff works...??

A gift to humanity eh? So WTF was the thinking behind giving the info to governments as the first step!! I for one wouldn't leave these idiots in charge of the hen house as they seem to think giving the keys to the foxes is the way to go.


17th May 2013, 00:03
So far the site is up and running with no difficulties.

I also had no difficulties accessing the site.


17th May 2013, 00:39
I´m not sure if I buy this attack stuff as well.

First, it´s just a website; Taking it down wouldn´t affect the development of the technology itself. Also, the website doesn´t contain any special information regarding his projects and technology. I don´t know why any government would waste their time and efforts to attack a website which doesn´t contain any critical information whatsoever.

Second, I´ve heard this attack stuff from many alternative media folks before. Want to attract a lot of readers to one of your published articles? Perhaps produce some sense of credibility? No problem. Just say your website is under attack and people will automatically believe that, if your website is "under attack", your information should be really important.

Come on, Mr.Keshe! You say you´re doing this for the people, and you´re fearing that the governments will suppress your tech. We´re in the XXI century, mate. Upload the blueprints to a torrent website and you wont have anything to worry about anymore.

You say you run a non-profit organization, so why are you letting formalities hold your allegedly superb inventions away from the people? Just upload the stuff to Pirate Bay and it´s all over.

By the way, why you insist in showcasing that, for the lack of a better word, ridiculous science fair coke bottle experiment? Come on man, you know that any copper wire will produce small current when in contact with acidic vapors or liquids...This is no plasma technology and you know that.

17th May 2013, 01:36
I need an urgent massage....

17th May 2013, 02:25
Me too, Thunder! :lol:
The whole Keshe phenomena looks like just another hoaxed distraction to me, especially now.
It's all getting so predictable...