View Full Version : Celestine Akpobari explains how Shell Oil are destroying the Niger Delta

18th May 2013, 23:22
Chunky Mark AKA the Artist taxi driver has the potential to reach a lot of people, unfortunately I think that his usual aggressive/swearing rants put a lot of people off.


An outstanding interview with Celestine Akpobari, Ogoniland, Niger Delta. With only a few 'naughty' words towards the end, something everyone should listen to and in some way, act upon. World war is already happening, everywhere we are all a part of it, the positives are that these stories are getting out there. Personal stories like this can really help to wake people up.

Shells own view on the conditions in the Niger Delta.

"Only a very few have access to basic services and infrastructure like schools, health clinics, electricity and running water."

They don't need your idea of schools, their health clinics are nature, they need no electricity as they use the light of the Sun and their running water was just fine before it was polluted by Shell oil.

19th May 2013, 02:52
I've subscribed to Chunky Mark for over a year and he is a "diamond in the rough" - with some very good videos scattered in his channel!

19th May 2013, 17:46
notice we invade everywhere and build military bases and divide countries north and south, everywhere but AFRICA ...only oil companies invade africa ... hmmmmmm...