View Full Version : You Don't Need To Start Dying to Start Living

21st May 2013, 22:04
The important take away here (at least for me) is you don't need to get close to your expiration date to kick your life into a higher gear. Focusing on the big picture of life does not move it forward. I think small steps, small kindnesses, incremental thoughts and actions add up to a really great canvass.

Too many people take life for granted and that is a huge mistake. Putting a little thought to everything you do throughout the day makes a world of difference!


21st May 2013, 22:29
Zach left the physical on May 20, 2013.

Nanoo Nanoo
21st May 2013, 23:50
Zach Rocks !

i loved this video ( i cried like a watermellon for the most part lol )

pips and sweet water came from my eyes : 0 )

and its given me hope


22nd May 2013, 11:16
Oh man awesomingly sadly beautiful what a courageous young man

etheric underground
22nd May 2013, 20:00
making the most of every moment with a smile, helping unselfishly with an open heart,
laughing at yourself, loving yourself,sharing that love, breathing and enjoying your surroundings,
being a big kid,cuddle often, emanate light, fight for whats right....BE