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23rd May 2013, 02:35
First of all, Can you help millions riders in Korea by signing the petition? I ask for help as a rider.
Anonymous or real name is irrelevant. What's matter is honest expression about issue through digital medium. I'm uncertain millions of signature would give big pressure to the status quo, in this case Korean Policy Agency.

Korean riders literally are surrounded by enemies which attack the riders whenever we demand our constitutional rights saying "Abolish the motorcycle prohibition law in highway, fix bad laws and rules in Traffic laws so that it truly up to international standard."

The government, specifically Korean Policy Agency, Constitutional Court of Korea, and Mainstream Media insist "Motorcycle is just dangerous machine on the road. Allowing it on highways risks public well-being and safety. Alright? We (the government) will fix the law once most riders keep traffic laws and ride motorcycles respectfully."

The most difficult thing Korean riders deal with is general consensus of fifty million Koreans. Most Koreans hate motorcycles without real clear reasons. They just repeats what the government has been telling them for forty years. It's so bizarre to watch this type of collective stupidity. Only thing I am personally afraid of dumb downed state of general public. It's a ticking time bomb that could be triggered by something extraordinary event.

The story begins.

You are a confident rider and have a spare helmet, of course a decent motorcycle included. What would you do if you get strong request from a lovely nephew? Possible reaction is
"Sure! Let's go for ride"
"No! I can't take you cause riding motorcycle is very dangerous"

My complicated reaction is whenever I get above request, I keep silence without any response. This behavior is ignorant and rude. I know exactly how kids perceive negativity from adult. It slowly influence kids as they get older.

There are only four out of two hundred countries on Earth that criminalize riding motorcycle on highway (freeway or motorway). Guess what countries maintain such outrageous, nonsensical law? I'll give you few seconds.


Okay time out. The answer is Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, and Venezuela. To experience a living hell mostly in mental aspect and emotional challenges that make oneself out of control, being a conscience biker in one of them. I mean it.

Motorcycle is considered wonderful machine and has been served as practical / economic transportation for billions people over 100 years since its inception into automotive industry. In the early period, people understood motorcycle as "A bicycle with an engine on it." It made perfect sense. Honestly speaking from engineering perspective, it has some serious design flaws. I explain only one of them. What would it be? Guess please.
Motorcycle has two wheels in line. The inevitable fate of this configuration is one day it will fall. Adding one wheel gives stability, minimum three points required a plane. Two points form a line that inherits imbalance in nature. A narrow road makes all humans nervous. Why? I think humans are two dimensional animal that live on a plane, the Earth. Birds and fishes do not have fear of depth and height at conceptual level. Visual distortion or fake drawing induce absolute terror to ground animals including us.

Until early June 1st 1972, motorcycle industry had grown exponentially in Korea. Middle and poor classes favored small motorcycles instead slow, weak bicycles either personal transportation or economical reasons. The government encouraged use of motorcycle instead automobile. General public welcomed its policy also. Simple reason was the machine improves quality of living definitely.

Local residents donated a brand new motorcycle to a police officer for gratitude. A news article of 6/23/1970.

A motorcycle sales advertisement, 5/14/1970
Kia Honda is offering motorcycle sales in monthly payment.
Honda CL90, Honda CD 50, Honda C50


Let's check about Honda C50. Honda sold over 60 million of Cups by 2008 since 1958 the company started building it. Excerpt from Honda C50 step-thru (http://www.classicbikersclub.com/articles/2011-09/honda-c50-step-thru)

The might of Honda’s manufacturing empire was virtually built on the humble C50. While the days of the C50/70/90 step-thrus are numbered in Europe, they’re still popular in the Far East and they serve as the template for Lord knows how many imitations in China, Korea and Taiwan. Honda has built over 30 million of them. To repeat, 30 MILLION!


Gyeongin Expressway, the first highway constructed between Seoul and Icheon in 1968, total distance was 24 km (14.9 miles).
Gyeongbu Expressway, the major highway of Korea constructed in July 7, 1970, total distance was 416 km (258.5 miles) that connects Seoul and Busan.

At that time Korea was a third world country where extreme poverty existed and modern industry and free market were at its baby stage. Approximately 100,000 motorcycles were running in 1970. Korean riders did ride on any public road including the highways I mentioned - Gyengin, Gyeongbu.

Here is the toll fee table of Gyeongbu highway in 1970.

Gyenghang Daily Newspaper, 7/7/1970
Class 1 Small Vehicles: Sinjin Ace, Tricle 1.5 ton, Publica, Volkswagen, Jeep, Motorcycle 250cc over

The motorcycle industry and market were growing exponentially. Companies started selling big models cause the traffic law demanded 250cc over motorcycles on highway.

A motorcycle sales advertisement, Gyenghang Daily Newspaper, 1970/06/11

I'll write the remaining part.

Thanks for reading.

PS: I'll fix grammatical errors and mistakes I made.

23rd May 2013, 14:01
Woops! :der:

I was definitely in desperate mode in the morning. I found out later that I sent a tweet even to Bill Gates.