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26th May 2013, 00:03
I posted on the GLP forum that I strongly suspect an agenda to keep people waiting for future hope/doom scenarios. The thread was deleted within 3 minutes. ("this thread no longer exists in the database")

For hundreds of years people bought into these cults where they're promised to ascend or be rescued by aliens. I thought this crap would go away after 2012, but it's not gone away at all. We still have new people popping up all over the Internet peddling this relentless bull****.

The more scaremongering, doom-mongering, or hope-mongering, the more these people are rewarded. Alex Jones has become incredibly successful with his hyper-vigilant exaggeration of the crude, obvious conspiracy around us.

You know who these people are. Tolec, Wilcock, there's hundreds of them.

This site is one of the rare places that seems honest, non-infiltrated, and simply truth seeking. I respect Bill Ryan, David Icke, and others because they've never tried to sell this crap.

Why can't we try to help each other now? Stop depending on a future scenarios to bail us out?

Also, what are your theories on why this might be a conspiracy involving more people (or non people) than any other? Why is there such a massive agenda behind this?

I think this is a real key, and the next step in our collective consciousness shift is to be rid of all these hopes and fears, and make something of the world we live in NOW.

26th May 2013, 00:48
Stop paying attention to what you perceive as offending you and do a few things like help your neighbor with his yard / project, take up a creative hobby, maybe plant a garden. Pure bliss. Humans are suckers for their own punishment.

The people who buy it get what they deserve and those who occupy all their attention with it also get what they deserve. One big pile in my opinion.

26th May 2013, 01:19
I think this is a real key, and the next step in our collective consciousness shift is to be rid of all these hopes and fears, and make something of the world we live in NOW.

Thanks Kabaraz, I absolutely agree.

Healthy Skeptic
26th May 2013, 02:34
It's all a matter of CONTROL and DISTRACTION.
There are 2 ways (probably more) of doing this.
1. The 'Credit Card'.
The 'best invention' of all time by the PTB.
Keep people in debt, so as, they only have time to think about is how to pay
their next bill.
2. Scare the 'sheeet' out of them.
Some people, (very few), don't have debt.
So as to keep them 'distracted', scare them with 'The End of the World',
'Climate Change', 'Running out of Oil'........etc....etc.....etc.......scenarios.
And as for point 1 above, keep 'feeding' this using the MSM to reinforce these.

So long as you use the above techniques, people don't 'have time' to sit back
and relax and see the World as it really is.
People don't 'have time to think' and therefore accept whatever is presented
to them by 'Governments' or other 'Institutions' through the MSM.
Love, HS

26th May 2013, 04:50
Well said. Hope mongering is nearly as bad as fear porn at breeding complacency.

I think we've got a bright future but I don't get hooked on these stupid dates.

But.... Cobra is a pretty interesting guy. His dates/predictions stay balanced + measured. He's called out a lot of other
bloggers and quietly shown them up a few times.

Find the inner net.

The Truth Is In There
26th May 2013, 09:49
doom is the only thing that may yet save humanity from total enslavement.

26th May 2013, 12:23
I didn't really have to tell my family about the rat race corporate mentality, "we lived through it." Never enough time to guide your children properly and leaving them susceptible to the street up-bringing instead of the village protection and love scenario, we always talk about of the 50's. When the women went to work, it was to "make that extra income" because of the size or lower income her spouse made/help meet the family needs. Well corp America started siphoning that also with "income ratio pricing of contracts" in insurance, and other services. They kept raising the prices of raising a family through those services and goods, so now there is NO choice in a woman staying home to nurture, guide and teach, and also correct bad behaviors and keep an eye on the children while in the "village."

It's time to put the protections/eyes of the village back on our families again, and ensure that they are guided with tolerance of others, unconditional love of all/as you would have them do unto you.

26th May 2013, 14:03
doom is the only thing that may yet save humanity from total enslavement.
It's a Police state or an apocalypse,{pick your poison}
Most psychics {like Edgar Cayce for instance} see a depopulation event followed by the rebuilding of a new
& better civilization.

Terence McKenna said that civilization was a frantic race to get off the planet or deep underground before the next
cataclysmic depopulation event. The doom events are cyclical.....There is no stopping the coming DOOM..IMHO.

white wizard
26th May 2013, 16:03
The only doom I can think of on the planet that most people face is

coming back to earth to resolve karmic issues and being stuck here

for a long time. People need to realize our species was designed to go

into the stars after we reach a certain point of enlightenment and

nothing is going to stop that. The NWO is nothing more than a small

group of people who are bent of enslaving the planet. The only problem

is that is too many people are waking up and know it is only a matter

of time before the truth will be in the open. Anyone who sees

the big picture can tell you that enslaving humanity at this point is

impossible unless the masses start falling back asleep and right know

everyone is waking up. Every time I hear doom and gloom noise I

smile, because I know for a fact we did not all volunteer to come

to this planet to be enslaved, but there is indeed a grand design

for us, and only those who want to enslave us in the first place

misguide us and put us into fear by saying were doomed to be

controlled by some shadow elite.

and to the people who think life on the planet will end from some

disaster, I say really lol don't buy into false prophecies they always

come and go, but at the end of the day were still here.

26th May 2013, 16:03
Negative entities feed off of fear. Thats the main reason IMO. Look whats on at most of the movie theatres. VIOLENCE, causing negative emotion. Thats what negative entities eat. Probably one of the reasons for catastrophic weather events. Suffering. = more negative energy to feed off of. I think its important that we understand, that much of it IS out of our control, as i am not seeing thousands of people waking up in my neck of the woods. Try to enjoy life, one day at a time. Love ourselves, and try to at least like the people you come into contact with. For many, that is what is realistic. Realistically for me. loving someone that is evil and gets off on hurting people, well, that is stretching my ability to take care of me. Maybe I will have to make another go of this planet after I die because of it.
I just think as far as the Doom scenario. Prepare as much as is realistic for you and your family, and go on with life. catastrophies WILL and ARE happening. Look at MOORE. they just had their doom. And those lucky people that were taken to the next dimension, well, that is how I see it. The families of the dead, will have to suffer the loss of their loved ones. But IMO, people should understand, they are not dead. they just went somewhere better. Life is full of mystery. And death too. The only real doom IMO, the controlling forces of TPTB.
I was MUCH happier, before I knew what I know. Most days, i wish I could go back to drinking the koolaide. Life was much simpler. There were no doom plots. No illuminaughty, no secret space program, using up all my tax money. No poison in the vaccines.
Information, can make one cynical. But only if we let it. Have I let it. Um- yes I have. What the answer?? I don't have it. LOL I guess, just try to better my little spot on the planet, and create some happy. what else is there?

27th May 2013, 00:43
I stopped attending movies in the mid 1980s because I could not stand all the violence that others seemed to want. Then I stopped watching TV for the same reasons plus the idiot level of the plots. Everyone is being reared to need massive doses of violence which my nervous system can't tolerate. But now I am forced to listen to TV in hospitals. It is cool for hospitals to be anti smoking but they do allow TV noise pollution that upsets my neurological processes. Our society just keeps getting harsher and harsher.

I remember enjoying the comfort that nature gave me. As a child, I found sitting under a tree and just listening to be a wonderful antidote to a society that seemed so strange to me. But even that seems to be lacking for today's children who are hustled from one activity to another. There seems to be no time for kids to ruminate and digest the happenings in their lives. Solitude seems to be so missing. The parents are so overwhelmed with all they must do that they engage their children in the same frenetic pace. I pray that we create more time to commune with mother earth.

The Truth Is In There
27th May 2013, 11:57
Negative entities feed off of fear. Thats the main reason IMO. Look whats on at most of the movie theatres. VIOLENCE, causing negative emotion. Thats what negative entities eat.

i think you're partially right but actually there's no such thing as "negative energy". energy is neutral, it is just that, energy. the vibratory rate is certainly different and may change how well it can be assimilated by certain entities who feed on it but that it is not "negative energy" per se that they feed on should become clear by looking at all the channelled false love & light messages and the cults that have sprung up around these people since a few decades. it is "positive" energy and yet "negative" entities who siphon it off.

also, violence in movies (or video games) is certainly not a main reason why the world is such as mess. it's how people react to certain stimulants that determines the energetic effect. some people react to romantic movies like others to violent ones and vice versa, not necessarily with fear but perhaps anger or nausea. it's different from person to person.

people need to find out individually what these stimulants are that cause them to react in ways that are unhealthy or "negative" and then try to remove them from their lives. it may work on a small scale, on an individual basis, but the probblems that cause suffering for many people can't be so easily removed because many others make money or gain power through them. the scales are currently tipping towards a negative future and to turn us around we need a sudden and worldwide event that removes those from power who so far successfully prevent humanity from creating a positive future.