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31st March 2010, 12:12
A higher spiritual awareness of the biology of the brain & mind can significantly advance one towards Enlightenment and Zen. The science of biology says that the brain's thoughts are just the result of cells doing work, and teachings on spirituality talk about having a silent mind of Zen. Biology + Buddhism = Enlightenment.


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28th June 2010, 03:37
This was interesting to watch, but got me to thinking about my own brain chatter. I personally don't think I have all that much random chatter going on inside. I'm pretty much a quiet type of person, I don't have much to say about anything. I'm also a calm person. What I find going through my mind a lot is music. I don't place the music there on purpose though. Just the other day my mom said to me..."you look intent on your thoughts" And I told her I was not thinking, just listening to the music. She looked at me like I was strange. I dunno...maybe I am? I've never heard many people say that's pretty much what they hear inside their brain.

I think the chatter a person has inside is what makes them hyper, nervous, irritable, calm and so forth.

28th June 2010, 04:16
I think the chatter a person has inside is what makes them hyper, nervous, irritable, calm and so forth.

mmmm yea. thats why meditation is so helpful. the first thing you realize is what runs through your mind when you aren't distracted by the outside world.. and you figure out what's holding you back and what memories you have to de-emotionalize and what habbits you use to deal with the world and all this and that until you are a clean slate.

also, thanks mike this video came at just the right time for me.

28th June 2010, 04:34
The great thing about meditation is not the experience during the meditation itself. It is the beneficial side effects it has on your consciousness when not meditating. I was astonished at how quickly (only a few weeks) I experienced drastic stress reduction during the normal working day. Complex situations became simple to deal with instead of harsh grinders. The meditation that I recommend is called Japa. You can learn it from a CD called "Meditation for Manifestation" by wayne dyer.

Great video