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28th September 2010, 16:09
Sorry if this has already been posted, I did a search but couldn't find it.

"The European Commission has recently approved growing genetically modified crops for the first time in 12 years, putting the GM lobby's profits over public concerns -- 60% of Europeans feel we need more information before growing foods that could threaten our health and environment.

A new initiative allows 1 million EU citizens a unique chance to make official requests of the European Commission. Let's build a million voices for a ban on GM foods until the research is done. Sign the petition below and spread the word."


Here's a little more information about Avaaz:


I don't necessarily agree with every stand they take but this one seems worthwhile.

28th September 2010, 16:20

29th September 2010, 16:04
A quick update...

Thanks to everyone on here who signed.

"Update 29 Sept: We reached the goal of one million signatures today! Thanks to all that have participated in this extraordinary people's petition! Now it will be delivered to the European Commission and our call for a moratorium will be lodged."

The petition is still running if you want to add your signature They've set a new target of 1,500,000 to give it more strength.