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4th June 2013, 01:35
I'm really looking to interface with others who work in the applied sciences, like master electricians and master refrigeration mechanics especially. I'm not known to sugar coat things, and I don't think you want me to either, and we are in a world of hurt and really do need to address some core issues barring down on us.

That we are supposed to be the empire upon which the sun never sets is testament to the idea that we get it right this time.

In commerce and industry, to sunset something is to be rid of it.

We don't want that this time. We want to keep our best and most experienced within an earshot so that we remain current and aware at all times. We have far too much media attention to non-issues, and more than that, purposeful tipping of the scales in favour of one industry over another so that half truths and whole lies are still openly discussed and debated as if they are relevant.

What I have to offer is that I know that I have been further inside industry than anyone you know. My understanding of the mechanical world and our applied sciences is great. Enough to be able to produce electricity in un limited quantities as well as having lived with a garden and grown food as a child. Electricity really is child's play, to those who work with it, and so is life on the surface here.

I also have no illusions about the gap that exists between an electric motor and a gas motor. It is by far and large the most blood filled gap that exists in human history. I really can't care about this any more, because as of ... some date that is prior to yesterday, everything I know and love on this planet is either already dead or is about to die. We have radically altered the chemical composition of the sky with these motors, and, things are dying now. It is only a matter of time, and that time is nowhere near as far into the future as you'd like to believe. I've seen already ample video of dead birds falling out of the sky and fish washing up in large numbers everywhere. The insect population in my small serene home town in Canada has been decimated and every year more types go missing, of both insects and birds. I've been following the whole process for at least 15 years now. We, as a species, have been monitoring the composition of the atmosphere for longer than that. The fact that someone has not rang the alarm bell on this already I still find surprising, because we are watching it.

I can not add attachments here yet as a new member, and I have empirical data for everything, which I will post in time I hope, and let me check a link i have to one of the reports from one of our global atmospheric monitoring stations, the one at American Samoa ...


ok, I'll see if that posts or not.

I'm a real professional trying to deal with some real world issues that the world keeps consistently side stepping, in real time.

4th June 2013, 01:37
Impressive and welcome to Avalon :wizard:

4th June 2013, 01:43
Nice to have you, if you do not mind me asking.
What drew your attention first to this site, and was there a particular topic that drew you in to a point to where you decided to join as more than a guest?
I look forward to your posts...

4th June 2013, 01:57
What drew your attention first to this site, and was there a particular topic that drew you in to a point to where you decided to join as more than a guest?
The mission statements, the chronicling of the awakening, the acceptance that a new beginning is not an end.

4th June 2013, 02:03
Welcome! Looking forward to exploring with you. Any and all journeys are welcome here.


4th June 2013, 02:05
Welcome aboard!

Concoct 6 more posts and you'll be able to start a new thread in an appropriate sub-forum and to upload attachments.

4th June 2013, 02:07
What drew your attention first to this site, and was there a particular topic that drew you in to a point to where you decided to join as more than a guest?
The mission statements, the chronicling of the awakening, the acceptance that a new beginning is not an end.

hey brother, welcome..... closes the door and put the seatbelt.

4th June 2013, 02:07
Sounds like you have a lot to tell and, despite my electrical ignorance, I look foward to seeing some of your uploads to come once you're approved ;)

4th June 2013, 02:11
What drew your attention first to this site, and was there a particular topic that drew you in to a point to where you decided to join as more than a guest?
The mission statements, the chronicling of the awakening, the acceptance that a new beginning is not an end.
Welcome :).

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4th June 2013, 02:35
Welcome to Alavon... (sounds like you and Raf. will get along just fine) :)

4th June 2013, 03:13
Thank you all for the warm welcomes. I'm going to admit that I know little to nothing about so many other things in life. It's like I'm looking up and around me after 30 years of work in tech fields, that I have literally no idea where research is done, how to patent things or if they even should be, or anything about how institutions or corporations come up with the lists of things they think are worthy and should be paid attention to. All I know is that this issue needs to be paid attention to, because we have been watching it, but I have no idea how to make any kind of a ripple in any kind of a pond. Whatever we do, it has to be a team effort. I think everybody is aware that it takes many hands to run our ship. A couple of simple experiments performed in public, and an oxygen sensor in the "on" position, should suffice as a display to form a foundation to a major endeavour such as this. I'm not kidding when I say that I can't believe they have not rang the bell on this one yet, I've been shaking my head for years. Thank goodness for the communication going on in the internet now. Hopefully, we can apply ourselves in this direction, and reap the spin off rewards and industries that will spring from work done in this area.

Daughter of Time
4th June 2013, 05:08
Welcome EarthLink!

While I have nothing to offer in the lines of applies sciences which means I will probably not be interacting very much with you, I do hope your time here is productive and illuminating.

Ernie Nemeth
4th June 2013, 06:02
Welcome Earthlink. Sounds like you have a thing or two to share, sounds interesting. Where in Canada are you?

4th June 2013, 09:23
Welcome Earthlink. I’m really glad that you are here. By your words you seem to have an impressive technical qualifications. However due to a very widespread deception, we cannot take it on its face value. The same goes with laboratory research which are for the most part funded by business interest. There is quite a number of web sites that speaks contrary to your claim that CO2 has risen to an alarming level. In fact there is another thread here


. Birds falling from the sky and fish dying and your spoken qualifications simply won’t prove to us your allegations. You see we are ordinary people who have no access to equipment’s to measure CO2 , N2, O2 etc. So we will appreciate it very much if you can provide proof that is easily verifiable by the common sense, such as connecting verifiable events that ultimately prove that CO2 concentration has indeed risen to an alarming level. I also find it quite a coincidence that we do the same thing. Mechanical Electrical stuff. I am an undergraduate of Marine engineering . More on Mechanical, over the years of inventing I find it necessary to study electrical because almost all devices are electro mechanical in nature. After some reading on the subject I bought some electrical components and conduct a simple experiment to understand the nature of electricity. Although my experiment cost only less than $3 and 6 hours I am able to understand sufficiently the nature of electricity. And just like you I can Harvest unlimited amount of electricity. Although I am a bit surprise that you use the word produce., since any technical person with solid knowledge of electricity is aware that electricity is not produce or generated it is simply harvested from the environment. “Energy is present anywhere in space in unlimited quantity”. Nikola Tesla. You seem to be a well-informed person and I presume that you are well aware of the wide spread deception. I’m sure you’ll understand why we seem to have developed some kind of allergic reaction to mainstream science and laboratory experiment. Particularly observatories such as yours, which takes a huge amount to construct and maintain. We are truth seekers and over the years of seeking we have develop a considerable ability to discern deception. So expect a tough time proving yourself. It’s a free exchange site although we advocate an enlightened (not civilize) behavior. Please go to my thread, you might learn something. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?59693-Global-Warming-hoax-an-strategy-to-control-food-supply

Electricity really is child's play, to those who work with it

I hope you are not implying that electricity is that simple subject that you can play with it. As far as I know there is only one man that is able to play with electricity. HAARP, Particle beam weaponries etc. are part of his toys. You really mesmerizer people by your introduction. Let me help you with some tip. These people has been thru quite a lot of deception. They are just playing you.;)

4th June 2013, 19:55
:welcome:Welcome Earthlink. It seems you have plenty to share here.

4th June 2013, 20:22
It's about time we have someone here with EMIRICLE DATA, this has been along time coming. :) No really welcome and welcome, lots of talented tuned avalonians here to bounce ideas and get bunked or debunked. Glad to have ya on board.

4th June 2013, 20:40
Welcome Earthlink. Sounds like you have a thing or two to share, sounds interesting. Where in Canada are you?

I live in a small town about 26 km south of Ottawa.

4th June 2013, 21:06
Birds falling from the sky and fish dying and your spoken qualifications simply won’t prove to us your allegations.

I'm not here to sell anything. I was and am what others have called Indigo, and I was never paid attention to or lorded over and was free to just develop and work in many different fields. It was great, all of my curiosity about things and how they work were answered, and I have many licenses now. You know, I could just retire today, and go sit on a beach somewhere in Jamaica or something, and my refrigeration license, for example, would enable me to just repair beer fridges for the rest of my days and live comfortably doing so.

And I'm not doing that or anything like it right now for one reason alone. What my own eyes have seen.

And I don't want you or anyone else to do anything that is not based on what your eyes tell you either.

There is much money behind keeping all of these motors gas motors, and there is no money behind switching them all back to electric. And it is the motors, not the electric production, that spew 99.9999999% of the emissions. If you are anywhere near people, and your window is open, you can hear them all around you. Day and night, they're everywhere now. If you image search the word "traffic" you will see many of them together, and that reality is in every city now. By sheer volume, they are changing the composition of the sky. Gauges do not lie, they are incapable. People lie all the time, they are completely capable, especially in defence of something.

Allowing the media, and not textbooks, be our guide to things technical in nature is a mistake.

We find ourselves now living in a technological world with all those in politics being economists or lawyers. How do we run an industrialized nation with economists and lawyers at the front? Poorly, and, into the ground, that's how.

4th June 2013, 22:26
I'd like to give all of you some hope here now. Sometimes things have to get really bad in order to shock ourselves into action. Not always, but sometimes.

It isn't something massive we need to change about the way we deal with our home world and the resources on it, just a small change is needed here. We need to just accept that we're not alone, and that evolution is something that many species all did simultaneously.

I can not survive without food, and I can't survive without the independently behaving bacteria in my stomach and intestinal track, for example. There are people who have to put enzymes and additives into their food before they eat it, because they have some how lost the bacteria in their own system, and without these other life forms in me, I can eat all I like and not be nourished from any of it, and starve to death. Or put those additives into my food.

Apples want to be eaten by deer and moose and such so that their seeds will be dropped onto the ground elsewhere. If they didn't get eaten and dropped elsewhere, all of the naturally occurring apple trees would just drop their apples to the ground at their own base, and what would that look like? A cluster of apple trees, all in one place, and all related.

Flowers and pollenating insects have a myriad of co existence "deals" worked out. Some tree flowers are waiting for just one insect type to come and do its' part in that trees flowers. On and on this list goes, through everything here so that there actually exists nothing that stands alone anywhere.

We need to now accept this as a species, and just move ourselves to harvest from the natural systems, and work with them, never again turning against them.

That was a big mistake. Perhaps even an honest mistake, fuelled by an accounting of a really old story that has us being made separately and even on our own day: we were not.

We just need to accept this now. New found knowledge needs to be absorbed by our whole, and our view of the wholeness of where we are is a more detailed view of it than any we've had before.

I see what is going on with this awakening as being rooted in what is happening in the natural world around us as one of the big movers in this awakening, especially in the non-english speaking parts of the world where agriculture touches more of the population more closely. And, there IS much energy in this awakening surrounding the matter of the natural world. This energy you can feel, and tap into easily. It is what the whole earth wants to do, and has wanted for a long time now. It should be easy for us then.

5th June 2013, 03:17
your in my vein of work, electricity and Hvac for 23yrs now... welcome , you will find some of the most brillant people on earth reside here ... they are awesome ... we are glad to have you ...

7th June 2013, 07:48
Really? Boy was I glad you’re here we do almost exactly the same thing that it is hard for me to believe you did not copy me. I Use to produce ice before we moved into the city almost 7 years ago. And this ice plant is powered by an engine that is converted to run on WVO or diesel and then I couple this to a VAWT when the wind blow strong the engine tend to over speed and the governor will act to decrease or increase speed accordingly. This saves me a lot on operational cost. Perhaps you can share to me also your simple technological tricks. I don’t see threads here regards to free or cheap energy if you may start one I will be glad to join.
You are an inventor and you rely on text books. Do I get it correct?
On the other hand if you are not an inventor and you are able to produce unlimited free electricity will you please tell the group which text book thought you to make unlimited free electricity. So they may as well produce theirs.

I'd like to give all of you some hope here now. Glad you came people here are kinda losing hope already.