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8th June 2013, 18:24
The role of synchronicity has shifted for me. Has it for you? It is more than just random congruences of events or things. It has become much deeper and more personal. I think or speak of a person or benign thing and it arrives, or I will simply be observing this happen. In the majority of instances, this will occur with other people that I am directly observing, and they will be speaking of a person or thing, and within moments that person or thing will materialize.

I was in the park with a close friend from my past, let's call him Ted, and he was speaking ill of a mutual friend for a perceived wrong some years ago. This individual, let's call him John, I had also not been speaking to until recently. You see, Ted and I had both ceased communicating with John near the same time, but I reconnected when John confused my number for another person. I just felt compelled to give the friendship another shot. We'd known each other since childhood, after all. So, I'd met him a couple times in the spring when I was home for a weekend visit. That is what had stirred the conversation between myself and Ted. I allowed him the space to vocalize his grievance, but I didn't have anything to offer other than some advice that he find a way to contact John and speak to him if he needed more closure. They both still lived in the same city and were creatures of habit. It shouldn't be too hard.

We rounded the last bend, and there was John traipsing down the levee alongside a friend of his own, Whil. During my last visit with him a month prior, John had been quite vocal about Whil wanting to hang out with him for the singular purpose of getting Loritabs. John was using them for an MMA injury, and spared a couple of them for his friend, being well aware of the addiction. I had a piano-instructional course with Whil twelve years ago. That was the last time I'd seen him before that moment, where we all paused and looked at each other before engaging in a bit of awkward dialogue. And there we were, a group of men sharing inauspicious grievances for reasons that were long past and didn't exist anymore. The space we held, that in and of itself seemed to be enough to correct our thoughts, to behoove us pay attention to those thoughts, to just observe one another and how we had all changed. Perhaps none of them could hear it. Perhaps I was the only one. I don't know. But, I ribbed Ted afterward, telling him that he made it happen since he was the one so concerned with John's actions some years ago. He simply said that was fair.

I had been experiencing moments like this for some weeks before that day, and they continue now. In these moments, I have found a peculiar surrealism, a compression of time and memory, a moment where the formless thing between you and the other people you are bonded to, or simply have had history with, takes the most recognizable, truthful, and oftentimes uncomfortable shape. It has greatly informed me as to what I should be mindful of. Call it Karma if you like, but for me, this is a type of temporal "baggage" that feels more intimate and personal between souls, and it can make one quite reticent to make new bonds, or predispose them to continue manifesting negativity if they aren't aware of the nature of them, if we don't understand how they have the power to shape reality.

Sometimes it is much more implicit. I am three months out of a long-term relationship and of the first two people I have met, one shares my older brother's first name, and the other, my own. I only expect the weirdness to continue, and I am okay with that. I wonder if any of you have some interesting experiences you would like to share.

8th June 2013, 19:07
It does seem to be the tragedy of many humans, that our powers of perception exceed our power to act.

It is not the awareness that is the strange thing, but rather, what we do with our awareness.

To some people this extra awareness that you experience is an extreme burden.

People have only so much energy, and when these external influences begin to crop up in our daily lives,
it can become a heavy responsibility.

Those without knowledge are free from this responsibility.
That is why people who have it are feared, mistrusted, called paranoid, etc.

People never want to think about the idea that they are unexpectedly responsible for anything outside the narrow confines of personal experience.

May you grow and thrive and continue to be a positive force in the battlefield of intelligence.


P.S. I developed an interest in synchronicity the year I realized I was having some premonitions related to world events -- this was also the same year I started seeing a Jungian analyst. That in and of itself seemed like a funny coincidence.

It was after I drew a picture of the Tree of Life that my therapist asked me to read Carl Jung's biography. Carl Jung had some visions involving this tree -- and to my therapist, it seemed kind of hard to believe.

8th June 2013, 21:10
I also have noticed these types of occurrences, having a dream about someone and then seeing them that day.

I've also noticed that my better half and I are frequently able to read each others mind. He will be buying groceries, and I will send a thought to him to pick up some onions or whatever, and he often comes home & says, oh, I thought we might need more onions.

Also meeting strangers who know the same person you do, even having a close relationship as someone you also had one with.

9th June 2013, 01:03
This morning, I was driving on the highway heading to some land I 'own' to do some surveying and exploring. This area of highway is quite remote and not heavily travelled. I was thinking about my plans for the day and realized that I had left my work gloves at home and that they would have been nice to have for some digging I was going to do. Within one minute, I rounded a curve and saw a pair of gloves just like my own in the middle of the road. These things are either happening more frequently or I'm just more aware of them now. Either way, it's pretty cool and humbling when they do.