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29th September 2010, 01:26
I am wondering if it is worth starting a thread on "hunches"

For instance, I have a hunch that all this UFO talk in the media is being counter balanced by "terrorism" stories (false flag, bomb threads, state sponsored hacks on critical infrastructure etc etc). I think this shows that the NWO are struggling very hard to keep a lid on things.

My worry is that there would be a valid charge to be laid on such an initiative as "fear mongering", but could be a useful upside.

Dilemma - what do we think.

(PS: I chose the sanctum on purpose)

29th September 2010, 01:51
Hunches are a very good topic IMO...and your choice of placing appropriate and understood.

"Trust your first thought, it is usualy the right one"

An old Mantra I can still hear my mother repeating..

My hunch... struggling is an understatement... they are drowning.

My hunch...The PTB's will be ignored , by the end of 2011