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29th September 2010, 09:55
The Awakening Trilogy – “The Prophecy”

It is with humble hearts and much gratitude that we present the “The Prophecy” as the third film in Awakening As One’s “Awakening Trilogy”. Though we refer to it here as a trilogy, our feeling is that the three films (The Call, The Plan & The Prophecy) are in fact One; one film, with one message, coming from One Heart, One Mind & One Spirit, Awakening us to our Oneness with ourselves, the Earth, each other… and All.

Each film was produced with the intention of planting seeds of remembrance and Awakening, which are then developed further in the film which follows. Thus, we encourage all who have come to view “The Prophecy” to start once again at the beginning, to see what might be revealed by watching the film, as One.

Also in the spirit of watching the films “as One”, we humbly urge people to GATHER and view these films TOGETHER; for it has been said that “truth acknowledged in numbers unites hearts.” And though the experience of having these films echo your own thoughts and feelings can be quite profound in a world where such truths are given little voice; that feeling of online resonance is nothing compared to having such thoughts and perspectives echoed back by 5, 10 or 50 other peace-loving individuals who are gathered together in a physical space. That said, we invite you to USE these videos. Download them. Show them. Share them.

As the means to create them was gifted to us, so too do we gift them to you,
so that you may gift them… to the All.








5th October 2010, 04:53
I love this video have watched it several times, first came familiar with it by listening to Max Igan, Thank You for posting it is an amazingly powerful video.

5th October 2010, 06:27
Thank you for sharing this. The timing for this in my life was impeccable.

5th October 2010, 07:23
The dark matter light allowing everyone to create their own reality, it’s a nice thought, the voice is well done, I don’t know how you couldn’t hear it as soothing.

5th October 2010, 16:59
It's a message of hope and we can all do with that once in awhile. For myself, I find it imperative to regularly pull my attention away from the doings of the Evil Empire and instead celebrate my own humanity and the things that are worthwhile and good.
I'm not much of a Christian, but I do subscribe to the premise that "ye shall know them by their works".
And despite the myriad of beliefs and opinions; humanity, for the most part, seems to be in agreement that the Creator is infinite Love.
Where ever I see Love expressed (and love does not impose it's wil on another) then I choose to celebrate that expression.
For me, it's really all about ducks.
If it walks like a duck and quakes like a duck...well chances are good, it's a duck.

Victoria Tintagel
10th October 2010, 06:50
People in the last twenty years have been pushing it trying to be breath-airians, and sun-gazers, which I totally agree with. I do sun-gazing myself. But I think that the Earth is going to naturally evolve where we will go back to these ways of the Masters without the stress and struggle. Awakening was never met to be a struggle . . . but boy we sure make it one, don't we? If we just love ourselves, stay in the NOW, and have patience, it will all unfold. We try too hard. When we do that, we push what we desire away. So . . . in closing . . . What is before us is a clear, empty canvas. I think this is for us to create together.
Hi Viking and all Avalonians, here's some wisdom from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in's channeled message in the "Alien visitors oct. 2010" thread. I am reading this post every day now, I find it's wonderful and very loving. The Lemurian masters who offer heart - healing and grounding, when asked, radiate deep loving energy, very beautiful, as I experience this. It's resonating strongly with my being, which is very familiar with Lemurian energies. Reading it this morning, again, I decided to post this part of the message here. Awakening is and shouldn't be a "coup de force" stressful or something we have to be "in control" of....which is really, in essence, a personal expression of great longing to go HOME......Our shadow holds a treasure of gold inside, a genuine desire, covered by pain and despair. Hmmmm, welcome to the Sunday sermon.....ha ha.....10:10:10 Phoenix happily shaking her feathers......:)

10th October 2010, 08:45
Arghhh...you got to it before I did! Great choice Viking, I watched this one last week and thought it was very well done...just forgot to post it!

11th October 2010, 17:44
Viking, this information is great for our times. Its a wonderful additional piece of the puzzle.

Thanks for posting it.