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15th June 2013, 17:03
Hello dear Avalonians!

For the last 3 years I was looking for a place. Not just a flat, apartment or house-not even a farm. I was looking for an agricultural property with some fruit trees at a remote place to spend my leisure time. I wanted a place right next to a river or lake, where water flows. A remote place for myself, but with lots of visitors-kids, teens, adults coming to “my” place and having a good time. Flowers, fruits and good vegetables everywhere. I also pictured a big Mongolian Yurt on my property, because I was always fascinated with this kind of buildings.

Children are our future…I was always active in the boy- and girlscout movement for the last 10 years and kiddies always liked me for whatever reason. Probably because I was listening and being a fair person. The idea came, that I would like to become a teacher. Teaching what? No idea.

I was struggeling a lot with my identity, because I felt lost. Such a young and good looking fellow ;) with his head full of good ideas and nothing comes out. At that time a had a neat job in an organic food store close to my village, but it drove me crazy, that I could not live my dream.

I travelled for years and months , have seen some beautiful places , but was never satisfied. And then destiny or god or higher self or whatever came to me, because I asked for advice. Sometimes I think, the more desperate you are, the more answers are given to you. I wasn’t always on the right side of life, but help is given and I got help from whatever. I had a funny time, when nearly all questions had been answered. The core of all answers was: Be good at what you are doing, you have certain specific characteristics and skills ,nobody has here on this planet, do what you can do best and you will be successful and happy. Be good in what are you doing, because only you can do it!

That needs some soulsearching: What am I good at? What feels good? What makes me happy?

So, back then I was desperately looking for property, asking farmers or people I know that know some other folks where to get something. Just a tiny space for me. Nothing.
My dear neighbor Angelika, which happens to be a psychic, told me: Guenther, you were looking a lot and tried to manifest, but you never gave time to let the outcome manifest.
So I threw all my ideas and concepts away, what I would like to do and how I wanna live. That was a great relief!!! (just a short version)

I felt really free and I finally trusted life! Watch destiny unfolding. Go with the flow.
I got a call from a guy, I have met maybe 3 times in my life and he tells me: Listen, there is a place, close to your village, a small farm in a remote place with a river and a big yurt. They have an already set up a small farm with greenhouses, old fruit trees, berries, nuts, mushrooms, vegetable beds and so on. That was in April this year.
Now, I am living here in this small paradise, hosting, kids from schools, disabled ones, families, teens from the closeby immigration camp.

And, I met a girl which seems to be a good partner in this game…an important part of what I manifested. ;)

Magic is happening, Manifestations are coming true.
My whitness report

Greetings from Austria

15th June 2013, 20:27
Wow! To me, your living the dream!
I'm stuck in corporate America putting up with the facade of paper money, fake wealth and general plasticity.
I plead to my wife daily that we should go back to nature. I wanna quit everything and farm!
I hate money, life would be better for me as a pauper or whatever the term is for someone that prefers reality over the Illusion of the general populace living life maintained by the levels of prosperity.
It sickens me that the majority of us maintain our happiness ratio based on our monetary level.
This alone is the primary disease of the century.

15th June 2013, 20:32
Great story my friend, I am finding similar things as well, LOONNNNGGG story short, over the last 15 years or so, I too have been searching for what vibes with me, and things seem to be falling in place, its still at the initial stages, however I can say I am now doing what I love for the first time in my life and so many things that seemed to be falling apart at the seems in my life have sewn themselves back together and momentum and passion abounds. Thanks for your inspiring story, it IS possible for everyone.

Fred Ryan
15th June 2013, 22:25
Great post. I'm so happy for you and wish you the best!

16th June 2013, 00:24
whaw, I suppose I'm not courageous enough to let such a development happen to me. I've been a tad bitter about this stuff because I was born and grew up ( to the age of 14 ) on a small farm in the west of Wales (UK).

My 2 older brothers expressed no interest in the farming life and I was not given the chance to even decide.

I've missed the life ever since and I've not coped well with the loss. I can rationalise it but I can't get over it. I want, desperately, to find myself back in a 'remote' location that has everything my heritage needs, even if it has none of the things my habits and ego feel familiar with. I'd give up almost everything for a wake-up in a morning where I can't hear traffic or 'bad news'. Only the day's plan to get the work done for the seasonal demands.

Oh I wish, and wish, but.

16th June 2013, 02:24

That sounds pretty much like what I'm looking for too, so many times pieces of the puzzle fall into place for me, but the bigger picture remains fuzzy. But I know - I'm my own worst enemy, and let myself get bogged down in the petty little details of daily existence (which I'm absolutely hopeless at managing BTW !). Time to let the dream come to fruition, thanks for sharing.

Norman - hang on in there brother, I hope you can make the dream come true ;)

16th June 2013, 05:04
I really hope it works out for you. It sounds like you're having a magical summerin your new home/farm and you're sharing it with people in need, which is great Karma for you.

16th June 2013, 05:07
I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you're having a magical summer in your new home and farm and you're sharing it with people in need, which will be great Karma for you.

16th June 2013, 11:44
Yep, I am a happy potato! :-) Thanks for the nice words.
The money lesson I had to learn last year: I always worried about not having enough money to buy or rent a place and it drove me crazy. I saved every bit of money, sometimes I would rather sit at home and stare at the wall, instead of going out with friends, having fun and spending some money. Money, money, money.

At one point I said to myself: Enough! If it is meant to happen that I get a place, than it will come sooner or later. After that I started spending nearly all of my money...buying, plants, fruit trees, seeds, flowers, books and working towards my goal. And with every day my vision came clearer of what I would like to have. My savings went close to zero, but I didnt regret anything. I knew 100%, that it would happen sooner or later. My parents were quite confused, because I bought plants, pots, flowers and all that stuff and put it in the garden. They asked: How will you be able to get a place, if you spend all of your money? Well, I trust that it will happen. Of course, they didnt understand :-)
There are some stories from people, who go travelling without a penny in the pocket and ending up having a good time. Strangers show up and paying them a dinner or offering a ride. Last read in the Lester Levenson Story. I remember also a similar story from Paramahansa Yogananda.
Maybe thats my next project lol.

So and here is the thing...I just pay under 1000 Euro a year for 10.000 square meters of property with the yurt, greenhouses and all the stuff. But i had to pay a some money for all the tools and machines. Just before I discovered the farm, my parents sold a property they never wanted to give away. Lucky me owns 25% of it and so I had the money. Sometimes I still cant believe, how everything worked out so perfect :-) Well, trust life...trust, trust, trust.

Norman, do not give up...at one point I got depressed, because nothing was happening. I even decided to move to an ashram and live my life as a monk and hermit :-) Funny, when I think now about it.

16th June 2013, 11:55
Here is the Homepage, where I have some photos and informations for all the German speaking readers


And some more on facebook

16th June 2013, 12:22
Hey congrats on it all flowing so well for you Zampano!
Lol love what you said about the money, we had a really rough time about a 2-3 years ago with no work, me being unwell/pregnant and we almost lost the roof over our heads about 5 times in total. It was so so stressful but everytime we got close to something really terrible we would pull through in the last millisecond.. no kidding, theme of that year. It started with bringing my husband over to aussie from US, we got his visa approved the day we were to fly out lol and then only just got through and then for the next year it was just nutty stressful with everything following the same pattern of "hey look you're going to die" (sometimes literally with my pregnancy lol) then... "haha tricked you! look it all worked out, you really should trust you know."

At some point all the ability to worry and stress burnt out of me and I stopped caring about silly stuff like having enough, because frankly it's not really in your control so you may aswell let go and live, true liberation is within and if you just follow your inner promptings all is well. If you live in fear then really you live with one foot in the grave.

Funny how much more beautiful my life is since I've come to that understanding lol.

17th June 2013, 13:30
Hey rosieposie
You went to really tough times, I mean really tough times, compared to me.
I cannot emphasize it enough and as you said...you really should trust you know. And if you dont, it will come again and again. From my experience.

All is well and ever was. The universe does not make mistakes-if it is for the good of everyone what you are doing, then you will get some interesting presents on your way. It didnt work out for me when I applied for the Australia Visa, but thats good. Had an awesome time there and will come back, mostlikely in 2014.

And I can understand it...when you understand it, worries are getting less and less.

Funny enough, a couple of days ago my neighbour came to me and said, that he will give me the property right next to my farm for little money. The people who lived here before, tried to convince him to give it to them for 15 years, but without success. So, and he asked me if I want to have it for the next 15 years for a good price...life is funny.

I hope your family is doing well now :-)

17th June 2013, 13:50
Thanks Zampano :) Yeah it was rough but I look how much it has made me grow and can be grateful now.

Hey isn't that neat about your neighbor, very generous of him it must be meant to be for you lol maybe the previous owners of your land put the idea in his head and laid the ground work for you. And so true what you say about if it is right for everyone then things work out we do tend to reap what we sow it just often takes time to get it :).

Cool beans. happy gardening!

Earth Angel
17th June 2013, 15:28
I always try to repeat to myself when I get stressed (often) " things are always working out for me"......and its true....maybe like Rosieposie at the last second but something keeps coming.....it reminds me of that story by Jack Canfield......you're driving across the country in the dark, all you can see is the next 200 feet ahead of you with the headlights on.....you don't need to see the whole journey, you just need to see whats right up ahead.....and you trust the road will continue and and you will eventually get there......trust is a big lesson and I am still learning that at 54!

26th June 2013, 19:06
Hey earth angel and rosieposie
For me it was similar...I always ended up believing and trusting, when it was nearly too late. Always in the last second and something came to me.
Why? I felt, as long as I have everything in control, there is no need to trust life, because I am able to make decisions. I can do whatever I want and it will work out how I want to have it, because I planned it. I, I, I and I. :-)
People sometimes go to church and pry mostlikely when they find themselves in a bad situation.
The last weeks I felt moreorless like a puppet with strings attached. Most of the work I am doing in the garden happens automatically and I am able to observe everything what is happening arround me. Even watching myself pulling weeds out or watering the plants. My life is getting lived. I cannot describe it in other words.
I do what I feel I should do and it is right.
Last week I had real heavy hail right here and it destroyed a lot of plants or fruits. Suprisingly, I wasnt really upset. Something told me to be upset, but I really had to force it :-) When you work with the universe/creation and trust and you do it for the benefit of everybody, then other doors are opening.
Creation wont let you down.....lol