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16th June 2013, 14:41

I've always wondered about these blocks of PUMA PUNKU.
To me they seem as if they where MOULDED?, I've seen concrete moulded blocks and they look identical. Now in this vid

you can hear them debating the blocks and they come to conclusions of moulding. Seems to them they where moulded?
(This vid is not very well edited and trimmed but has some good areas)

Good area of vid: 08.25 Like play-dow, somehow made soft someone says. Condor spit :)

These PUMA PUNKU building blocks are certainly so amazingly produced, that's a fact
and the way some of them so uniquely inter lock? Amazing ha

What does anyone think here about the moulding idea in Avalon?

16th June 2013, 20:40
The problem I have with all of these ancient sites, is the fact that our illustrious scientific community, does not posses an accurate method of dating anything. Nope. Nothin. And what's more is the fact, that they know this. And yet, they keep right on using it.

The Nephilim had a method of making stone, soft, which could then be shaped into any hole they wished to fill, or shaping them to go, as they built a wall.

But, the nephilim, were thousands of years ago. Doesn't fit. Until you take into account, that those who we think of as the Mayans, are NOT the ones who built those great Temples, but only those who used them because they were there. Just as the Egyptians did.

Here's a little something I just found, that I feel is quite interesting in that it indicates something that I believe. They found a hole, that when viewed through, lines up south, not east or west. hmm. Strange!? They try to line it up with past star formations. But, what if it was used for east or west, when it was built! Several million years ago, before the Earth rotated 90 degrees! Remember, stone lasts forever, with little change, and look at all these ruins, in Mexico, and South America, they look far older than anything in Egypt. Look at Bosnian pyramids, that are covered in many feet of dirt and trees and vegetation, that make them look like mountains. How old could they be. Or all of those in china, that look the same. Like mountains, and not pyramids.

How old is this stuff??? Really???!!!

Here's that link showing the hole.


Plus... they do mention in this video, that the Spanish, found these ruins, "already Abandoned," when they first landed in 1500!!!

When you dig through all of the videos that are available on YouTube, you find many interesting anomalies that cannot be explained with the normal archaeological explanations.

AND... the Nephilim, were excellent cooks, and they loved BBQ. Why do you think the ancients, had to bring all those "Burnt" offerings to the Temples. chuckle chuckle chuckle.

Sunny-side-up... one can spend years investigating this and not come up with the right answers. When we can go back and watch what they did, we will know.


16th June 2013, 21:25
A friend told me that Puma Punku was built by the Hathors using ritual magic. What's more, he says, is that sites such as these 'should not exist' in our space and time. He said that the only reason we have sites like Puma Punku, Great Pyramid of Gisa, and others, is because we have shifted to a new energy, new age, and agreed to resonate with these kinds of things again. Same thing with the ancient space craft and buildings found on the dark side of the moon. I don't know but that story makes as much sense as anything our scientific community puts out.

Ernie Nemeth
17th June 2013, 07:59
On the crustal displacement theory...
Further to Sirdipswitch idea...

Because the earth has gone through this sort of movement in the past, it makes astro-archeology a useless tool. You cannot just `turn the clocks back` to see what the alignment of the stars were in the past. This bodes ill for those basing their conclusions on astro-archeology. Like Mr. Murphy (I think is his name) who claims the Giza site is far more ancient than claimed because if you turn the clocks back you see the Spynx line up with its namesake constellation Leo in 10,500 BC. Also, others like Wade Frazier base their work on a steady state theory they do not even know they are assuming since we have no way of determining one way or the other if crustal displacement has ever happened. We know for certain that the earth`s magnetic feild has flipped a number of times but that does not prove crustal displacement. It seems likely in one way and extremely improbable in another.

Star Tsar
17th June 2013, 10:32
Hey Sunny-Side-Up & Avalonians,

Funnily enough I have just finished reading David Hatcher Childress's Technology of the Gods, In the book David tells a tale of an Explorer call Fawcett whom is said to have found a Incan/Pre-Incan grave in Cerrio Di Pasco in central Peru. Inside this grave there was a jar of liquid which Fawcett thought was an ancient alcoholic drink!
This jar was accidentally knocked over and in ten minutes the rock seemed to have the properties of wet cement!
I don't know if this is true but thought it would be a good addition to this discussion!

Fawcett's book is called Exploration Fawcett & Is on Amazon for 65 new!
Please bear in mind this was a word of mouth account...


17th June 2013, 11:52
Thanks sirdipswitch, Ernie Nemeth, Time? Time Periods? True problem we don't know for sure. But If we as Avalonians can add Time Travelers and Interdimensional beings into our passable belief system, well :)

Interdimensional beings Images 1 and 3

Youniverse, yeah interesting, just so many different combinations of possibilities ha

Star Tsar, Yes it really looks to me that someone knew how to use liquefaction of Stone/Rocks. Maybe even Vibrational forces as well!

I shiver when I think of vibrational forces in the wrong hand, reminds of of the Sound Beam Weapons testing when supposedly a technician was in the way of a device when it was switched on; turned into a puddle on the lab floor! 0;o