View Full Version : Engineers' Case Protects America’s Birth Certificate

18th June 2013, 00:04
Engineers designed a case to protect the map that first used the word "America" to describe the land masses now called North and South America. The air-tight container is made of two large sheets of aluminum and a double piece of non-reflective laminated glass. It also includes a system dedicated to maintaining the proper temperature and replacing all potentially destructive oxygen with inert argon gas.


I wish they would consider doing the same for Charlotte Harris Ree's Asian maps dating as far back as 4,000 years ago that show the coastlines of the Americas.

Is mainstream science really concerned with the truth... :)...

18th June 2013, 14:11

"Is mainstream science really concerned with the truth... ...

Nope... ain't that obvious by now? Why do they still use a dating method, that was proven inaccurate, more than 40 years ago. hmm.

Did you know, that every scientist, that set out to prove that God does not exist, became avid supporters for a Creator Being. yep!

Why does the Smithsonian keep losing Giant skeletons?

One can ad to this list all day and not come to an end of it... chuckle chuckle.