View Full Version : Nestlé Corporate Water Takeover

21st June 2013, 19:22
Can you believe that a company can make that much profit off WATER! Unbelievable!
Boy could I say more about this but she does a pretty good job at it!


it is a shame...

21st June 2013, 20:34
I can tel you first hand that they bought Poland Spring watter just 1 hour north of me around 10 years ago and that lots of news and people have talked about issues with the corperation running the water low in the area. One loacl in Poland Maine tried a boycott years ago where they took all the Poland Spring water and duped it all out on there land, I did not see how that helped as much as gave them more product to bottle. Regardless they are buying reserviors around the great lakes, side skirting laws and clearly do not value or hold true the mother earth. Thanks for the post, I am thinking about buying a water pureification device now more then ever.

21st June 2013, 21:42
You didn't mention Nestle' bottled water has almost 4 Xs more flouride in it that tap water...